View Full Version : Days of ‘bigger and stronger’ on offensive line are gone for the Miami Dolphins

03-29-2012, 07:03 PM
New Dolphins coach Joe Philbin quickly identified an area of his team on Tuesday that needs to improve in 2012.

“My feeling as I watched the tape, the offensive line needs to get better if our quarterback position is going to play better, and so that’s going to be a priority,” he said at the NFL owners meetings.
Philbin, a former offensive line coach in Green Bay and the University of Iowa, won’t just look to improve the Dolphins’ line, which allowed 52 sacks in 2011, third-most in the NFL. He’s going to change the entire approach.
The Dolphins will be switching to a “zone blocking scheme” this year, which will give the offensive line – and especially the running game – a much different look than in the previous four years under Tony Sparano.
Gone are the days of “bigger and stronger,” which was the motto of the Dolphins’ power running game under Sparano and Bill Parcells. That running game, which Parcells rode to great success with the New York Giants in the 1980s, used a “man-to-man” blocking scheme that required a lineman to identify his man before the snap, then use his power to push the defender downfield to create running space.
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03-29-2012, 07:25 PM
After what ive read from Philbin and what Green bay did over the last decade.I can definitly see Miami taking Decastro or trading down and going after Glenn(who i want more)with our 1st round pick,then in the 3rd with 1 of the picks getting another lineman like Brooks.2 very big and agile objects to get this oline bigger faster and better!!

The war starts and ends in the trenches and thats where Philbin looks 1st.