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SF Dolphin Fan
04-01-2012, 12:11 PM
I've got to believe that Ryan Tannehill is Miami's primary target at #8, but if he's taken before we pick I'm beginning to think Mark Barron might be the guy. We haven't discussed him much here, but in a division that features so many really good tight ends this would be a pick that makes a lot of sense. I personally think the Dolphins secondary needs a lot of work and Barron would give the team a presence and a playmaker who could match up physically with tight ends. I think the team would also consider David DeCastro and possibly Luke Kuechly, one of my favorites.

If Tannehill is gone then I think the next quarterback Miami targets is Kirk Cousins in Round 2. He's an intriguing guy because I don't think he necessarily received the type of coaching that some of the other top qb prospects have. He also has the mobility and intangibles you'd look for in the position and is accurate in short/medium range. If he's not available for the Dolphins in Round 2, I'm not sure the team takes a quarterback this year although they might look for more of a developmental type like B.J. Coleman in later rounds. How much of a dropoff do you all see from Tannehill to Cousins?

I heard that Jake Long's brother is in this draft and considered to be a late round pick. I don't know much about Joe Long, but he has similar size to Jake. Has anyone seen him play or have any information on him?

04-01-2012, 12:44 PM
i think tanneyhill is not going be dolphins they are looking for some else