View Full Version : Question on Tannehill?

04-02-2012, 06:42 PM
I didnt really get a chance to see any of his games this past season, the only stuff ive seen on him is from highlights. My question is, how are his leadership skills? Does he show intensity and command the huddle? Does he get excited when he makes a big play, and on the other side does he get pissed when he screws up? I am asking these questions because i am sick of having QBs who are not true leaders. The past qbs we have had have been timid and do not assert themselves. I want a QB who will get in the receivers faces when they screw up and chest bump them when they make plays. I really hope that if we draft tannehill that he will be the sure leader of offense once he gets his chance to take the field.

04-03-2012, 12:00 AM
Although not always his fault exactly, he had a reputation of coming up short in big games against either big name teams or superior talent. When you're the QB though that is just a fact of life and he never really got over that hump. He's obviously a team player who just wants to win, he changed positions as a Freshman so he could start right away.

04-03-2012, 02:49 AM
Well Tannehill looks like a good leader to me. He hasn't played that much QB since he started out as a WR. I think he was a WR for two years....the good news is he is pretty fast, and he could always go into motion from the QB position into the WR position if we ran this type of a Wildcat option. I have heard that he is engaged and he was planning on going to medical school to become a surgeon, so he sounds like a smart kid. He sounds like he has it together from the interviews I have seen him give. He doesn't really have that get-in-your-face style that Dan Marino had when he used to yell at WR's for screwing up, but this may be a good thing. I don't thing yelling at wide receivers is a really good thing...coaches can do this. I just want a QB who can help us win games.