View Full Version : California Student in Relationship With Teacher Moves Out After Sexual Assault Arrest

Fin Fan in Cali
04-07-2012, 06:44 PM

A California student who left school, her family and her friends to live with her teacher boyfriend has ended the relationship after the teacher was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting another girl 14 years ago.
"He called me from jail and yes, I told him that we're done," Jordan Powers, 18, told ABC News in an exclusive interview. "I lost everything for this guy. I lost my senior year. I gave up all my friends at high school because they didn't agree with me."
James Hooker, 41, was arrested in Modesto, Calif., on Friday after police discovered he had an an alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student in 1998.
Hooker has been under investigation for his involvement with Powers, his former business class student, with whom he appeared on national TV programs earlier this year to profess his love (http://abcnews.go.com/US/mom-california-teen-living-teacher-pushes-bill-banning/story?id=16019045).
Hooker was charged with one count of oral copulation with a minor and is in jail, according to a statement from Modesto police.
"He told me that he met her online and he hung out with her just as friends and then he went to her house and she came out of the bathroom naked and he only touched her boobs and her legs," Powers said. "He was freaked out so he left and went home. He said nothing else happened, but all of that was a lie."

Just a fricken sick bastard!

04-08-2012, 12:38 AM
I remember us talking about this before. No shock in the least that they're "over" already.

04-08-2012, 09:45 AM
Aaaaaaaand ... That's what the ******* gets!


The Confessor
04-08-2012, 01:07 PM
I hope this guy ends up being Bubba's underaged girlfriend for 18 years.

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