View Full Version : jeff ireland is a joke plain and simple!!!!!!!

04-16-2012, 09:21 PM
first of all they said they didnt spend money in free agency because they want to take care of there own well here we are with jake long still not signed and probably our best player on defence best rush lb holding out.we have no cap room how do we have no cap room and we have no franchise qb no #1 wr now i just dont get it this all falls on the gm he has to get these guys signed to long term deals so we can have some cap room to atleast make a couple moves in free agency.im really trying to stay positive and wanting to give philbin a chance but with ireland making these calls on players i dont see us doing anything in so fustrated like alot of fans we havent signed anyone in free agency david garrad cmon coming off a serious back injury thats our biggest signing so far wow really. i understand building thru the draft but you only can get what maybe 3-4 guys tops who can make a team and contribute right away and that by the way is wishful thinking....