View Full Version : Advantages of not being a first round QB

02-07-2004, 04:52 AM
I think the guys that get drafted in the 2-5 round at QB have so much of a better chance to make it in the NFL. No preasure, time to adapt to the speed of the NFL, and most importantly don't take the beeting that guys like Couch, Bledsoe, and Carr have taken early on in there careers. They also don't have to deal with getting an easy pass to the starters job. They have to work their a$$es off to even get practice time, and with getting paid a lot less they have more incentive to making a name for themselves. A perfect example of this in my opinon will be Chris Simms. He has so much preasure on him in college to be a superstar. Now he can just relax, and try to do his best while learning from a great mind like Gruden and a good QB like Johnson. Judgeing on what I saw from him in preseason I think we will here his name in a year or two. The of course you have the Brady's and Gannons's that had to work so much harder just to get noticed. I also think the time window is so much longer for the later draft picks. These guys can sit on the bench for a couple of years as 3rd stringers before they get thrown to the wolves. If you are first round guy you have to produce in the first couple years or most likely you will be out of the league. Look at Tommy Maddux. The NFL obviously gave up on him to early. He could have been a big performer if he got to sit for a few years and didnt have the preasure of being a first round guy.