View Full Version : 3 Dolphins Drafts with explanations and other important info.

04-24-2012, 05:34 PM
These three drafts represent players interviewed by the Dolphins. It does not represent who I want the Dolphins to draft but whom I believe they might draft. The first pick in each of these drafts also changed the dynamics and need of the rest of the drafts.
Other criteria of these three mock drafts are based on the needs at certain positions the number of players interviewed in each position plus past draft strategies of Irelands. Players and positions interviewed including visits were at these positions. 8 defensive backs most of them rated in top 3 rounds of the draft, 7 DE/OLB most rated in the top 2 rounds of the drafts, 3 QBs rounds 1 through 4 rounds, 13 Offensive linemen most rated in rounds 2 through 7 and street FA, 14 Wide receivers most rates in rounds 3 through 7, 3 free agent running backs. Defensive end appears to be targeted at the very top of the draft.
Ireland is all about player value so most of my picks may be a round higher than they deserve which is another reason for 3 draft possibilities instead of just one. From the draft scuttle butt trading back in the high first round is not good value this year. It is for that reason because we will not trade back I am not projecting picking Ryan Tanniel in any of my projections. I have listed 3 other Quarterback who were scouted as QB options instead.
Draft 1
Rd. 1 PICK 8 UNC DE Quinton Coples
Rd.2 PICK 42 Virginia Tech CB Jayron Hosley
Rd.3 PICK 73 Arizona State QB Brock Osweiler
Rd.3 PICK 72 Ole Miss OT Bobbie Massie Rd.
Rd.4 PICK 103 Iowa receiver Marvin McNutt Rd.
Rd.5 PICK 145 Texas A&M WR Jeff Fuller
Rd.6 PICK 196 Oregon State DB Brandon Hardin Rd
Rd.7 PICK 215 OL Jeff Adams Columbia
Draft 2
Rd. 1 PICK 8 South Carolina DE Melvin Ingram
Rd.2 PICK 42 Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill's
Rd.3 PICK 73 Montana CB Trumaine Johnson
Rd.3 PICK 72 Iowa State G Kelechi Osemele
Rd.4 PICK 103 Arkansas WR Joe Adams
Rd.5 PICK 145 QB Ryan Lindley
Rd.6 PICK 196 OT Lucas Nix Pitt
Rd 7 PICK 215 Cincinnati TE Adrien Robinson

Draft 3
Rd. 1 PICK 8 UNC Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd
Rd.2 PICK 42 Nebraska LB Lavonte David
Rd.3 PICK 73 LSU Safety Brandon Taylor
Rd.3 PICK 72 Cal OL Mitchell Schwartz
Rd.4 PICK 103 UM WR Tommy Streeter /
Rd.5 PICK 145 Albion CB Chris Greenwood
Rd.6 PICK 196 Rutgers OL Desmond Wynn
Rd 7 PICK 215 QB Matt Blanchard