View Full Version : my mock version #4..final

04-25-2012, 12:10 PM
Round 1: Nick Perry- Surprise surprise! Look,I just don't see the tannehill pick,but this is jeffs type of guy. Big,fast,strong and production as a junior. The players are ranked all over the place after the blue chippers are off the board,so they pick a good kid and hopefully provides the alternate pass rush we need.

Round 2:Brock Osweiler- yeah..I don't like it that much either,but I'm predicting what the gm and coach may be thinking..Jeff just doesn't go to your pro day in person and bring you to south beach for nothing..I'm kinda scared of this pick but he is inexperienced and he has a weird delivery,but he isn't going to play right away either. Let him sit,learn and hopefully..God hopefully this 2nd round qb works out o.k

Round 3:Juron Criner,Ryan Broyles or best available receiver-this is the meat of the draft for wide outs,where there will be great value and I'm sure the dolphins will snag 1 here.

Round 3b:Jamell Fleming,nickle back-I like Casey hayward also and this is also the value rounds for corners. There has been to much interest floating around with the nickle guys and I'm sure one will come of the board either here or before.

Round 4:Adam Gettis- had him projected here before and it hasn't changed.Iowa staff,killer combine,athletic guard. If he is there I'm sure he will be picked.

Yeah yeah 5th through 7th is a complete crap shoot...there could be a starter or they could not be on the 53 man roster. I for 1 like Perry and no one has talked about him much at #8,but its almost too perfect and safer than coples. Brock...idk,but I most def see it in the 2nd,but you have the right coaches unlike the last regime to develop him. We will need to find our answer at safety on the current roster,but overall with this draft as I said before..does this team really look so bad?

If clay can get some production at TE and murtha plays decent,we may be o.k with this schedule. Philbin said you must develop the players you have and we have some that need to develop. Even if we don't do as well this year,we have a great foundation going forward. Thoughts? Especially on Perry at #8.