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04-28-2012, 11:33 PM
Don't sleep on the later drafted guys.....the trade in the 5th round netted us flexibility in getting 2 players this regime really wanted and both were landed in the 7th round. Just because they are not the big names, don't write them off......Both WR's were good go-to targets for their team, both have similar size and speed, and explosion (vertical and long jump) ability and both have excellent agility with hi-low-away from body catchability. Remember, Donald Driver, who fits in the same categories was a 7th round selection, and look what he's been. I believe we have seen a fundamental shift in the typpe of GM Ireland has been, and the players he will go after, remember this is an entirely new regime, and he had to be successful, which I feel he was. Later round picks percentage wise have a low probability in making an NFL roster. Ireland has been very adept at making very good decisions in the later rounds, well in 2012 this is how he did, IMO thus far:

IMO, Streeter and all reciever's 6'4" and abover were never on our radar. these guys will compete, both have been go to guys, check out their videos, I think, if you know what you're looking at/for you will be super impressed. Also, both recievers had 3rd and 4th round grades.

The DT, to me seems alot like Jason Ferguson and Jay Ratliffe, strong and played the nose, able to take on 2 blockers and still make a play. He's a sleeper. May take him a while to develop.

I don't know much about Kaddu, but Mike Mayock and Charles Smith (the real GURU) seemed to like him. He has the ability to cover TE's and RB's in the flats and out in space, also has an ability to chase down and also the ability to get to the QB. Has great size and some explosion, needs to become a more heady player, and diagnose plays quicker, needs time to develop. Definitely looks like a wolb in a 4-3 when developed.

RB Lamar Miller was a luxury pick, but was a smart pick, clearly a pick looking forward to the future, a homerun threat. Also, Reggie will run routes as a WR in this offense, and this gives us the ability to have Miller line up as a RB tooin the same package which will give defenses fits, alot of offensive flexibility. He will be an understudy to Reggie, I believe Reggie has found the perfect place and offense and will remain a Dolphin, I believe Lamar Miller will be an outstanding pick, and a RB who provides homerun ability, also could possibly be a returner on special teams as well. I believe Chris Givens was on the radar and after losing him, they HAD to go get their guy.

Jeff Ireland has been fantastic as a GM in his ability to select late talent and go after and get UDFA's, here are the ones to keep an eye on IMO:
1. Dustin Waldron, small school T, very athletic super smart. I believe has the athletic ability to make this team, probably as a scout team developmental guy, but this regime can develop these guys into players.
2. Jeff Fuller, Tannehill's go to target, along with the other wide-outs selected, Fuller was a go-to guy. He had an injury plagued year, and struggled abit with the drops, the year prior he did not have those struggles, and was looked at as a probable 3-4th round pick. Gives Tannehill a familiar face, and this WR already know the offense, I believe he has a leg up on Wallace, Moore and pruit as a developmental WR.
3. Jacqueis Smith, DE, he is quick off the snap, has the frame to get a bit bigger and stronger. timed slows, but on video, plays fast, very fast. gets after the QB, He's a guy to keep an eye on, especially with our lackluster group of DE's we have at this time.
4. Kelcie McCray, S, nice range above average athleticism for a safety, small school guy. Is a good tackler and has nice measurables. Will be another guy in another area that could beat some players out of a spot on this team, these so far are the only ones who have a chance, again IMO, to make this team, or another team, the other guys so far just help us reach the 90 man roster limit.

04-29-2012, 01:50 AM
I think Philbin addressed our biggest needs in this draft. Sometimes you hear about big name guys, or flashy guys (like Streeter) but maybe they have some character issues, or they didn't interview well, or the coaches just felt some other guys are more valuable in building up the team's roster. I hadn't heard much about Kaddu or the DT we took late, but I am sure Ireland and scouts/coaches know these guys well and believe they can help us. I don't pay much attention to the tv analysts who try to say that the Pat's got an "A" grade, while we got a "C" grade, especially when the Pats took a player (Tavon Wilson) in the second round who wasn't on most experts "top 350" list....it's all just one person's opinion over another's.

04-29-2012, 06:40 AM
I agree Roman.....I, along with you guys see the change in Ireland. I think we kinda saw it last year, but now you can really see it. This draft had great impact.

I love the Canes, and I like other Cane fans were dissappointed that Marcus Forston, Tommy Streeter left among other surprises, it's sad, but I hope the young Canes are watching how these guys made foolish decisions. They were not prepared. I also hope other school's players see it too, I mean they prolly don't because this happens every year, but I'm sure Golden and crew will show his young bucks just how foolish it was. They say patience is a virtue!

Tommy Streeter's IMO had 2 major flaws.....He did not play to his timed speed, and he was not a good route runner. People saw how well he timed and saw the size and just oohed and aahed over him. I don't get it because both those flaws will have him as an out-of the NFL, everyday worker in about 3 years, unless he drastically changes his approach. What I will say on his behalf though, is that he couldn't have gone to a better place! Ray-Ray and Ed Reed, they know how to become better and they study and put the hard work in, they teach championship ability. They have taken willing guys under their wings and those players have blossomed, I think Streeter doesn't need to make an impact in the next few years, he will be given ample time to develop, and as a Canes fan and a south Florida guy in general, even though I don't live there anymore, I'll be pulling for him.

Most of the "talking heads" are idiots, I have a few I like, Marriucci I really am a fan of and how he breaks things down and makes it easy to understand, Charles Davis is very similar, and is usually spot on with his assessments, and the arrogant Tom Waddle, I really value his insight.....some of the others are just Talking Heads, I do like Rich eisen, just cuz he's a goof, which I am as well.

The more I've looked into BJ Cunningham and Rishard Matthews the more impressed I am with how late we got them. They do not wow you with much because they didnt run a 4.3, but these guys fit the mold, they were go to guys, when a big play was needed for their teams these guys made them, they both also had atleast 2 years of similar production. The amount of touchdowns scored is impressive, and alot of YAC with both of these guys, which really shows their ability to get in and out of cuts fast, quick and explosively. I am impressed with both guys. and they both had around 3rd round grades.

If you haven't yet check out NFL.com/draft/tracker it has bench reps, 40 times, 3 cone, vert and then strengths and weaknesses, I think they did a solid job with their draft info this year....and then youtube the guys.....

I'm impressed with the draft overall, I'm curious why all the talking heads give Tannehill a value between 15-25, then repeat over and over about QB's get overdrafted and then are dumbfounded as to why Tannehill went in the top 8......then talked profusely about how KC, Seattle, Buff, ARI all had eyes for him......nothing like some good ole contradiction!

I'm excited to see what our line looks like, having athletic pass protectors at both tackle spots, and then a very athletic center, wow, gives us 3 young, very athletic and talented guys on the line. I do hope MGMT finally put Incognito at RG, and maybe go after Jake Scott, I thing he would be a great value signing, a nice veteran to pair with our young line.

s always.....loking forward to your thoughts....

04-29-2012, 08:31 AM
A player to watch prior to the preseason is UDFA Jeff Fuller. Fuller has the natural talent, but he has put the work in to get those skills out after his junior year. He relied too much on his size to make him a great receiver. Hopefully going undrafted makes a light go on and to let him know, that he not fast enough, not quick enough and not technically sound enough, and he now going out there working to get faster quicker and more skilled. He needs to go out and work harder than any other receiver, may be hire someone like Michael Irvin or Chris Carter. and work his butt off. If he is not the hardest working player on the team, he will not make it.

04-29-2012, 09:28 AM
i will be real suprised if 2 guys from the 6th and 7th round along with the udfa make the team.i love the underdog but this is a lot to ask

04-29-2012, 09:41 AM
i will be real suprised if 2 guys from the 6th and 7th round along with the udfa make the team.i love the underdog but this is a lot to ask

I disagree! I bet at least 8 of our picks make the team and contribute. The other will be on the practice squad and be developed for the future.

04-29-2012, 11:39 AM
Wasn't somebody on this board talking up Dennis (OG-Temple)? I remember somebody talking him up when the RB (Pierce) from Temple went in Rd 3.

04-29-2012, 12:07 PM
Wasn't somebody on this board talking up Dennis (OG-Temple)? I remember somebody talking him up when the RB (Pierce) from Temple went in Rd 3.

Was TedslimmJr, he said Dennis is one of the best pulling guard in this draft.

04-29-2012, 12:11 PM
Sweet! I knew I heard someone talk him up this weekend. Was hoping it wasn't Kiper.

04-29-2012, 03:12 PM
ireland is a master of his trade dealing with late/undrafted players. I see alot of upside with these additions.

04-29-2012, 07:46 PM
I don't pay much attention to the tv analysts who try to say that the Pat's got an "A" grade, while we got a "C" grade, especially when the Pats took a player (Tavon Wilson) in the second round who wasn't on most experts "top 350" list....it's all just one person's opinion over another's.

Bill B is a secondary coach by training & frikkin genius per the media. All you gotta do is look at the patsies Defensive Backfield and it all makes sense. :d-day: