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Definition: A BRADYGASM is the act of "swooning" at the mention of the New England Patriots Quarterback or making statements such as: "He is the best QB in the NFL." or "He is the next Marino, Montana, Elway." or "He has passed Aikman, Elway, and Montana will be passed soon."

The term BRADYGASM can be used in the actionable past tense, such as: "You should have heard Ron Jaworski on ESPN....He had a BRADYGASM."

It is also a derogative term to describe an asanine statement such as: "That moron Jay Marioti's BRADYGASM on ESPN was embarrasing."

You can also add "ED" such as: "Oh no, Chris Berman BRADYGASMED on NFL Primetime."

It can also be used as a term of admiration, such as: "I BRADYGASM everytime I watch that guy play."

and the most popular way to use the term is as a term to describe an event such as a Tom Brady last minute comeback such as: "Oh No, there is a BRADYGASM taking place here."

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