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05-25-2012, 09:23 PM
I still have my copy of Lindy's Sports Pro Football 2011 preview and I remember that they have a section previewing the draft class of the upcoming year and try and project players before the 2011 season even happened. The magazine is released each June and is one of the better
Review magazines on the market.

Anyway, I was curious how they felt about of the players the Dolphins ended up getting last month. Now, not every player is listed, and there are always players that sneak up on. For example, RGIII is not listed in the top 15 of quarterbacks. The lists also include underclassmen who were eligible to declare after the 2011 season that did not. For example, Barkley and Jones are on the QB list. Here are some of the notable Dolphins.

*Ryan Tannehill is listed as the 8th quarterback.

*Jonathan Martin is listed as the 1st offensive tackle.

*Olivier Vernon is not listed in the top 20 defensive ends.

*Michael Egnew is listed as the 1st tight end.

*Lamar Miller is not listed in the top 20 running backs.

*Josh Kaddu is not listed in the top 20 outside linebackers.

*B.J. Cunningham is not listed in the top 20 wide receivers.

*Kheeston Randall is listed as the 4th defensive tackle.

*Rishard Matthews is not listed in the top 20 wide receivers.

*Jeff Fuller is listed as the 4th wide receiver.

*Jacquies Smith is listed as the 10th defensive end.

Just one more interesting angle to look at our draft and undrafted pickups.

06-09-2012, 06:49 AM
Just shows you how much perspectives can change in a year.

06-10-2012, 09:26 PM
Yes I just looked back at that too and was going to include it in a post of all mutiple draft publications. I beleive drafting a player ranked two years in a row is like having a insurance plan it kind of proves the kid is more apt to play than a one year wonder. I have followed the Dolphins drafts over the years and have always like to review Lindy's as much as any publication out there. Ireland likes a track record too when drafting in that first round which means playing it safer. I know the Yada Yada about a QB and there may be some substance in that but if you screw up that first round pick you put your team way behind.