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06-10-2012, 09:42 PM
It's a slow time of year, give your top 10 AFC & NFC predictions


1- Green Bay Packers
2- Philadelphia Eagles
3- New York Giants
4- San Francisco 49ers
5- Chicago Bears
6- Atlanta Falcons
7- Detroit Lions
8- Dallas Cowboys
9- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10- Carolina Panthers


1- Pittsburgh Steelers
2- New England Patriots
3- Houston Texans
4- Baltimore Ravens
5- Denver Broncos
6- San Diego Chargers
7- Tennessee Titans
8- Cincinnati Bengals
9- Miami Dolphins
10- Buffalo Bills


The NFC predictions are based off that Drew Brees is going to hold out. I think the Eagles are going to surprise some people & Mike Vick finds a way to play 14 or more games. I think Cutler stays healthy & Chicago is probably going to have an 11-5 type of year. Alex Smith and the 49ers breeze through the NFC West. The NFC East might be the best division in football on the other hand, those teams are going to beat each other up a bit, there's a reason the Giants went 9-7 last year. I think Atlanta will probably win their division if Brees holds out but I don't think they're a top 4 team. I think Matt Stafford will unfortunately miss about 6 games and the Lions will suffer because of it. I think Tony Romo might miss a few games as well. Carolina & Tampa round out the top 10 as teams on the rise.

I think Big Ben stays healthy as well and the Steelers will prove to be the best team in the league, I like what they did in the draft by protecting Big Ben in buttressing their offensive line. Matt Schaub Manages a healthy year and the Texans run rough shot on a fairly weak division. Peyton Manning does the same for the Broncos. I think San Diego finally manages to get in the playoffs this year as a wildcard. Andy Dalton & the Bengals have a sophomore slump in a tough division. Matt Hasselbeck & Chris Johnson manage to get the Titans to an 8-8 season as they get ready to transition to Jake Locker. Miami goes 8-8 & Buffalo goes 7-9 as teams on the rise in the AFC. The Jets transition to Tim Tebow in week 7 after a slow start, and finish around 4-12, the Rex Ryan era is over in New York, Tebowmania dies, and Skip Bayless weeps on national television.

06-10-2012, 10:10 PM
I'm gonna go ahead and predict a Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh Superbowl; Mike Vick & the Iggles win a 27-24 game to give Andy Reid his first Superbowl.

06-23-2012, 06:28 AM
Steerlers Eageles Steel city have another championship

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Steerlers Eageles Steel city have another championship can't overlook the Pats their receiving corps looks scary