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06-25-2012, 11:23 PM
BOSTON - Massachusetts U.S. Senate candidate and former White House adviser Elizabeth Warren came out swinging tonight against Mitt Romney in a fiery address to 1,800 Obama campaign donors at Symphony Hall.
"It's clear where President Obama stands and it's just as clear where Mitt Romney stands," a steely Warren told the crowd.

"No, Mitt, corporations are not people," she deadpanned, referencing Romney's comment from the Iowa State Fairgrounds last summer, when he explained "corporations are people, too."

"People have hearts. They have kids. They get jobs. They get sick. They love and they cry and they dance. They live and they die," she said. "Learn the difference."

The crowd burst into thunderous applause.

"And Mitt, learn this," Warren added. "We don't run this country for corporations. We run it for people."

Warren, who employed her trademark impassioned, populist rhetoric, hailed President Obama has a defender of the middle class who had achieved important consumer protections in spite of aggressive Republican opposition.

"Big banks and Republicans fought tooth and nail against us. They vowed this agency [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau] would never become law. When the money poured in and the pressure mounted against us and we were on the ropes, President Obama stood firm.

"We know where president Obama stands," she said. "President Obama stands for working people."

Warren introduced Obama, who then delivered his second address to donors of the day, his 99th fundraiser of the year.


Will someone tell her that Obama's in bed with those same banks and corps too. This election is going to be painful to watch. Either she sold out like Rand or she's completely delusional.

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06-26-2012, 09:20 AM
Obama's 'beautiful friendship' with Wall Street

Like that old movie character, Obama seems capable of effortlessly floating between demonizing Wall Street gambling one day and profiting from it the next.

The audacity is breathtaking.

The president has raised more money from Wall Street through the Democratic National Committee and his campaign account than any politician in American history. This year alone, he has raked in more cash from bank employees, hedge fund managers and financial services companies than all Republican candidates combined.

Even poor Mitt Romney was outraised by the Obama money machine at his former employer, Bain Capital, by a margin of 2 to 1.

It is a campaign operation whose wheels are greased by Wall Street bundlers like MF Global former chief, Jon Corzine. These financiers are so good at what they do that the Center for Responsive Politics reports that Obama’s Wall Street fundraising will “far surpass 2008 in terms of raw dollars and as a percentage of what he raises overall.”

That’s saying a lot considering that Obama’s “Hope and Change” campaign in 2008 raised more money from the financial community than any other politician in American history.

According to Reuters, Wall Street accounted for 20 percent of the president’s campaign funds because of a massive cash haul from Goldman Sachs, AIG, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a free market guy when it comes to political contributions. Anyone who wants to raise $1 billion from hedge fund managers should be free to do it, so long as there is transparency.

But it’s laughable that the same man who feasts with Wall Street fat cats at $38,000-a-plate fundraisers turns around and claims the next day that attacking those same money men will be the basis of his reelection campaign.

Obama’s fake outrage is all the more preposterous considering that the White House’s policies have led to record profits on Wall Street during the first two years of the Obama administration. In fact, Wall Street amassed more profits in the first two years of the Obama presidency than all eight of George W. Bush’s combined.

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