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07-02-2012, 12:21 PM
Former Baylor Bear WR Josh Gordon has declared for the Supplemental Draft. He's 6'3 220lbs & supposedly ran 4.3 40s at Baylor. He didn't play last year as he was sitting out the season after transferring to Utah following a suspension at Baylor stemming from an arrest where he had weed in car. Prior to last season Kiper had Gordon ranked in his top 5 of underclassmen receivers. He's gonna be raw but he might be what we're looking for. CK, Slimm??

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07-02-2012, 11:51 PM
Former Baylor Bear WR Josh Gordon has declared for the Supplemental Draft. He's 6'3 220lbs & supposedly ran 4.3 40s at Baylor. He didn't play last year as he was sitting out the season after transferring to Utah following a suspension at Baylor stemming from an arrest where he had weed in car. Prior to last season Kiper had Gordon ranked in his top 5 of underclassmen receivers. He's gonna be raw but he might be what we're looking for. CK, Slimm??Yeah, I guess the front office really needs to investigate the character issues. Seems like the talent is there and Gordon is certainly intriguing for a team with a big need at wide receiver.

07-03-2012, 12:02 AM
Dolphins are likely to draft him.


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WR Josh Gordon, Baylor-Utah

Quick Points
*Josh Gordon was a 2 star recruit (Scout.com) out of Lamar High School in Texas, right in the back yard of Texas A&M.
*He was listed 6'4" and 215 lbs coming out of high school, supposedly running a 4.55 in the 40 yard dash.
*Had interest from Big 12 and Big Ten schools. Offers from Nebraska, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Baylor, Kansas & Missouri. Michigan had heavy interest.
*His top two schools ended up Mike Sherman's Texas A&M and Art Briles' Baylor. He chose Baylor over A&M.
*He had a 2.5 GPA in High School and a 21 on the ACT.
*Spent 2009 on the bench as a true freshman, amassing only 1 catch for 7 yards.
*Broke out in 2010 as a true sophomore catching 42 balls for 714 yards (17.0 YPC) and 7 TDs. Kendall Wright had 72 catches for 953 yards and 7 TDs.
*Worked almost exclusively on the right side of the formation out on the perimeter as a starter, playing nearly every snap.
*Size ranges between 6'3" and 6'4", at around 220 or 225 lbs. Listed size appears legit on tape.
*Speed ranges from mid 4.4's to reports of running in the 4.3's in practice. Speed appears legit on tape.
*Has legit acceleration and foot quickness to go with speed, is not a build-up speed/long-strider type.
*Is as strong and physical as you would hope a guy that big would be, really bullies DBs as a blocker, explosive punch, highly motivated.
*Limited role in 2010, perimeter-only, ran essentially three routes plus screens. Terrence Williams and Kendall Wright were varied more in usage.
*Clean hands catcher, showed the ability to track and haul in the over the shoulder ball.
*Good acceleration and excellent physicality after the catch. Effective on screens.
*Ability to get off the line at the snap and eat cushion stands out, tough for even 4.43 guys to cover deep one on one.
*Suspended indefinitely for an incident where he was arrested in a car that had a small amount of marijuana in it.
*Chose to leave Baylor and transfer to Utah because of the incident. Sat out the 2011 season as result of transfer.
*Daniel Jeremiah (Twitter: @MoveTheSticks) recalled seeing him at 2011 Utah practices and hearing coaches praise him highly.
*Will work out for scouts on July 10th, 2012. Supplemental Draft to be held July 12th, 2012.

My take: I love his talent. It reminds me of someone like Vincent Jackson. There is latent, under-appreciated RAC talent and a vicious blocker with solid hands and strong upper body all hidden inside him. We only last saw the guy play in 2010 as a true sophomore running limited roles in Art Briles' system. He could be up whole levels compared with what he was back then, after a year of practicing with the Utes. Having some idea how he's grown in that year should be key for whichever team drafts him, whether that means contacts at Utah, scouts personally having witnessed him practice, or just private workouts leading up to the Supplemental Draft. A team will also have to get comfortable with him off the field and have their arms wrapped around why he's leaving Utah after sitting out his transfer year. It's bad enough he ran away from Baylor after getting caught with marijuana. The Supplemental Draft is viewed pretty skeptically by the NFL, so his stock is likely to be compared more with the likes of Tommy Streeter than the likes of Stephen Hill. Production, history, character and experience level all point more to Streeter than Hill. But he's better than Streeter in my opinion, quicker off the line, more physical, more controlled, cleaner. If Streeter was taken in the 6th then I would think Gordon should go in the 4th or 5th. However, teams often bump grades down a round out of pure caution when it comes to the Supplemental Draft, so his base grade is more likely to be a 5th or 6th. I say base grade because character dig-up will affect it, as will how clear vision individual teams feel they have for how he evolved during his stay with Utah. Like I said that can either be achieved by having your west scout pound the table for the guy and say he's had his eye on this kid a long time and viewed him as one of his top receivers heading into 2012, or it can be achieved with a blowout private workout.

Dolphins take: Mike Sherman has some amount of experience with Gordon from having recruited him, and highly esteemed west scout Adam Engroff has doubtless been checking up on him since he transferred from Baylor to Utah. The Dolphins have been rumored to be sniffing around Kashif Montgomery, which means they're interested in another developmental prospect, perhaps specifically a fast and physically dynamic one, and so that puts them in the market for Gordon. I would not expect them to offer more than a 5th or 6th, though.

YouTube Plays

From the 2010 Texas Bowl, Illinois vs Baylor:

Screen catch for very little yardage, didn't seem to be expecting the ball

Watch how fast he gets off the blocks and down the field (btw, what an unpleasant looking woman...)

Seemed like this should've been called P.I. since it was 10 yards down the field. No catch...

Strong blocking for a receiver that comes in behind him...

Blocked his man into tomorrow on this play...

Screen catch and run for about 10 yards on 1st down, strong acceleration, good finish...

Runs a 12 yard curl route against off coverage, DB forced to back pedal aggressively, lots of separation, no throw...

Look how far the corners are playing off the Baylor perimeter WRs on 2nd & 10, respecting deep ability...ridonkulous...

Short catch with a good 5 yards of run after catch, including 3 yards after contact

Catch off the scramble with a DB on him immediately for the tackle

Corner plays 7 yards off the ball and turns hips early, Gordon still creates downfield separation, ball overthrown

Key block on a touchdown run to his side

One-on-one downfield with CB Travon Bellamy, draws the P.I. flag

Catch on a scramble drill against Bellamy

Another catch on an ill-timed throw, no run-after-catch because of timing

Nice out route catch against future standout CB Terry Hawthorne

Nice fake on Hawthorne, ball not thrown to him

Accidentally trips up his own runner trying to block for him

From a collection of 2010 Baylor football highlights:

Two consecutive plays...over the shoulder touchdown catch...impressive run after catch touchdown

Long vertical touchdown reception versus K-State

Deep vertical touchdown (I think versus TCU)

Another more impressive deep vertical touchdown versus TCU

Another deep touchdown

From the 2010 Kansas game:

Deep touchdown catch

Big block on a screen

94 yard touchdown catch and run off the screen

Big catch and run

From the Buffalo-Baylor 2010 game:

Screen catch and run...

From the Oklahoma State game 2010:

Screen catch and run, ball stripped, fumble recovered by Cowboys

07-03-2012, 10:16 AM
I like the way he moves.

07-06-2012, 06:26 PM
Updated with some information from Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting.

*Utah coach on Josh leaving the program: "It wasn't the right situation for Josh so we parted ways." (Eric Galko, Optimum Scouting)

*Baylor coach on Josh: "I'll tell you what I've been telling the NFL: Josh is a great kid, super talent, just bad decisions. All the coaches here liked him. He was arrested in October 2010, and suspended 4 quarters, spread out over a couple of games I believe, but then failed a Baylor drug test late last spring. The Baylor administration kicked him out of school for the failed drug test, but Coach Briles went to bat for him with the higher ups, trying to let him stay. Coaches were disappointed about his leaving. Nobody thought he had a problem. It's not like he showed up to meetings or practice high or anything like that. I think he just got around with the wrong people not associated with the football team that persuaded his bad decisions. I'm not aware of any concerns the staff had for him coming out of high school, as his arrest in October 2010 was his first incident. It seemed he got along with everyone on the team and I can't think of any point where he was in confrontation on field or off. If football is all he has to focus on, then he'll thrive because he knows this is his last chance. I've gotten a lot of calls from NFL scouts about him, so I know there's a lot of interest. I haven't talked to any one team more than others. But I will say that a head coach has inquired about him." (Eric Galko, Optimum Scouting)

*Reports filtering through that he left school because of FINANCIAL NEED and that he also explored the possibility of transferring yet again back closer to home (remember he played high school ball at Lamar High School, TX) at Houston or Stephen F. Austin. Gordon's agent is the same one that convinced Jevan Snead to leave school early. (Eric Galko, Optimum Scouting)

*In order to successfully appeal to the NFL for entrance to the Supplemental Draft on the basis of financial need, Josh Gordon would have had to show that something significant happened between January and June that drastically changed his financial situation. (Eric Galko, Optimum Scouting)

Eric is a friend and he's going nuts a little bit about this financial reasons thing because he knows that something really significant and almost unprecedented would have had to happen between January and June in order to get the NFL to agree to let him in the Supplemental Draft. Generally players are admitted because they've been ruled ineligible to play by their teams. They can't just up and decide they're going to the Supplemental Draft because they've now decided they need the money.

Either way it sounds like everyone at Baylor is willing to go to bat for him, though the Utah people are tight-lipped with the media (probably more frank with actual scouts).

I'd say that this does affect my grade on him. The Baylor source said he was never a problem there, didn't come to practices high or anything, didn't get into fights, coaches willing to go to bat for him with the administration...he just tested positive for marijuana and was found in a friend's car at a drive-thru that had a small amount of marijuana in it. Stupid decisions. If he's coming out because of financial reasons and Eric is right then he will have had to prove to the NFL that his reasons for coming out are legit. At that point, I'm not willing to ding him significantly more on his character grade than any other player (e.g. Percy Harvin) that got caught doing some things they shouldn't have. In fact I have zero reason to believe Gordon is even as bad as Harvin because you'd never find someone at Florida willing to say the things about Harvin that this Baylor source said about Gordon.

From there it comes down to Gordon's pro day and how he performs in front of everyone, showing how much he has developed while practicing for Utah for a year. If he rocks it, he could go pretty high...as high as the 3rd round I would think. The fact that he's got an NFL head coach personally inquiring about him is significant, as head coaches usually don't get involved in this.

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Nice highlights