View Full Version : Wild West town for sale in Utah for $3.9 million

07-31-2012, 04:04 PM
You can be the Sherrif, Judge, Jury and Pornstar?

Wild West town for sale in Utah for $3.9 million

SALT LAKE CITY -- The real estate listing reads like a Wild West exhibit: An old gold mine, a geyser, and a supposed hideout of famed outlaws.
It's all in a middle-of-nowhere ghost town for sale three hours southeast of Salt Lake City. Listing price? $3.9 million.

Woodside once bustled with about 300 residents in the early 1900s when it was a water stop for steam engines. Now the town sits empty - of people, that is. Two free-range llamas come with the deal.

There's a geyser, too, but it no longer shoots high after being jammed by vandals. Once, the cold-water spout shot up 75 feet and was a popular tourist attraction known as the Roadside Geyser. No entry fee required.

Even though the town has seen better days, real estate agent Mike Getzer said the property is full of potential for someone with an entrepreneurial, Wild West spirit.
"You can be the sheriff, the judge and executioner of your own town," he joked. "You can be mayor. You can be whatever you wanted. It would be amazing."
A service station also still stands on the property with a Post Office inside.

"You can be your own postmaster, too," Metzger chuckled.

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