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08-30-2012, 06:00 PM
1.) Justin Hunter, WR out of Tennessee(6'5",205)
[After considering our talent, or lack thereof on offense.....we pretty much have to take him. There is no other choice.]

2.)Corey Lemonier, DE out of Auburn(6'3",243)
[Let me start off by admitting this.....Two hours ago, I had no clue who this guy was. I recently started researching for my post pre-season mock for the Phins, and came across this guy in recent NFL draft coverage sites. Most have this guy going late 2nd-mid 3rd round. I said, "okay, lets see what he's got"....blown away. Absolutely in awe. I looked up this video on youtube:


For those of you who don't know, #71 in the video is now a member of the Bufflao Bills--Cordy Glenn. Who was drafted relatively high in this past draft(41th overall). Lemonier absolutely annihilates him. I mean straight dogged this 6'5", 343 lbs. tackle. Check out 1:26 on the replay. He doesn't complete the play, but he is just so disruptive. You could tell Glenn couldn't get a handle on his bull rush. This guy just seems to be around the play, all the time. He just has this nastiness to his game that I love to see from my defensive players. Looks to have just natural gerth, already possessing an NFL body. Within the first 2 minutes I thought I was watching a Terrell Suggs tape. His bull rush reminds me of Cam, how he dips low then explodes. I'm dead serious. Lemonier has Pro Bowl potential. Within the first few minutes of the video, I fell in man crush with him. This guys name is going to pick up speed quick towards mid season. Imagine a 4 man rotation of Wake, Odrick, Vernon, & Lemonier.......wow]

2b.)Shane Skov, ILB out of Stanford(6'3",242)
[Very fiery player. Strong at the POA, and a heavy hitter. Kinda reminds me of Brian Urlacher. His I.Q. for play recognition is well refined, very smart and can diagnose plays. Could step in and start day 1 with all that experience against top level competion. I really don't know how much longer Burnett or Dansby will be here. Whether they stay or go, Miami is going to need some kind of depth at the linebacking position. Skov is more than capable of playing all 3 positions in the 4-3, as well as the 3-4. Downhill player. Pefect fit for what Miami wants to do.]

3.)Quentin Patton, WR out of Louisiana Tech(6'2",180)
[This guy is made for the west coast offense. Very slippery, agile route runner. His acceleration is an asset, once he gets off the line, he's able to make cuts and other maneuvers. He is like a cross between Titus Young, Benard Berrian & Dante Stallworth. Long skinny wideout, with quick strides, able to get to top speed within steps. There's talent here.]

3b.)Jonathan Brown, ROLB out of Illinois(6'1",235)
[Solid prospect. I don't think you could go wrong with Brown. I think the worst case scenerio is that he'd be a nickle option. With his athleticism, he could be groomed into a starter one day.]

4.)Le'Veon Bell, RB out of Michigan St.(6'2",244)

5.)Brad Sorensen, QB out of Southern Utah(6'4",235)
[Matt Moore and Garrad both have 1 year deals. A QB will be taken by Miami at some point.]

6.)Eric Fisher, LT out of Central Michigan(6'7",305)
[Good depth behind Jake. Athletic enough to play both sides.]

6b.)Jake Knott, LOLB out of Iowa State(6'2",240)
[One of those rah-rah defensive players. Where early in the game he'll lay a lick on someone to get the team fired up. Every team needs one of those. Heavy hitter Knott is. Even as a 6th round pick I think he'd make the roster....at least over Spitler.]

7.)Brandon Williams, NT out of Missouri Southern(6'3",328)
[not too mcuh on the guy....one of those small school prospects you hope can make the jump.]


One thing you'll notice about my mock is the lack of secondary players.....After thinking about it, I figured corner wasn't going to be taken high. This is because Richard Marshall just got an $18M deal, and Sean Smith's agent has been in talks for a new contract since the beginning of this off-season. Corner probably wont be a priority...at least early in the draft. Safety is tricky. It all depends on how well Reshad, Jimmy & Chris play back there. Reshad on one side and Chris on the other is a nice balance. Jimmy playing nickle is the glue to this position. So as of now, I see Miami loading up on skill positions.....something they havent even focused on 4 of their last 5 draft classes.

08-30-2012, 06:10 PM
4 LineBackers?
Only 2 WR's?
Another RB?

Sorry, I'm not sure your draft fits our needs as it stand today!!!

08-30-2012, 06:21 PM
Love the Hunter and Lemonier picks!

SF Dolphin Fan
08-30-2012, 06:24 PM
I'm still figuring out who is who in college football, but there are players on your list who I absolutely love. Justin Hunter is one of them. He reminds me a lot of Chris Chambers with better hands. Absolutely love how he goes up and gets the football. I would like Miami to draft Shane Skov and Chase Thomas from Stanford. Like that you took a lot of linebackers as this is an area where the Dolphins need to get younger. Brad Sorenson is a qb that CK has highlighted, but I have yet to see. I do think Miami will take a middle round quarterback.

08-31-2012, 12:27 PM
4 LineBackers?
Only 2 WR's?
Another RB?

Sorry, I'm not sure your draft fits our needs as it stand today!!!

theres only 3 LB's, the chances Miami takes more than 2 WR's is slim especially after taking one in the top 10, and Reggie Bush is in a contract year making $5M. I think this draft does fit needs, because as you all can see in the last few years is Miami lacks talent on both sides of the ball. Just pure athleticism. I have a good feeling the '13 drfat will be dedicated towards those skill postions and linebacking core.

08-31-2012, 02:39 PM
Hunter has to prove to me that he is healthy and can stay that way. I love the way he plays though. He's a big receiver but not all that physical..great on jump balls though and gets deep. Id say add Bowe and Hunter and thats a good start. Although, I personally think Keenan Allen is the best WR is this draft. Who knows how everything plays out...but I do know if we could add Keenan Allen and Mike Wallace to this offense..along with Bess then we are talking about an offense fully capable of putting up points for a change.

Lemonier and and Skov are great picks too.

08-31-2012, 08:30 PM
I know players drop in the draft but at the start of the season Corey Lemonier is a top 20 pick & Le'Veon Bell is a day two RB.

09-01-2012, 07:06 PM
Keenan allen is better than justin hunter

Harry Csonka
09-02-2012, 06:46 AM
Love the draft, Le'Veon Bell is going no later than rd.2 though.