View Full Version : 1st Day Draft Predictions

04-21-2002, 02:53 AM
Well like everybody else, I was hit and miss with a lot of my predictions....here are a few notables:
1)Kurt Kittner would NOT be a first day pick....am I the only one who saw this? He is not gonna be good in my opinion.

2)Luke Staley would not be a first day pick....too many injuries, not enough playing.

3)Jerramy Stevens would not be a first DAY pick....way off on this one.

4)RBs Green and Duckett in the first......pretty easy one.....

5)Josh McCown to Arizona....one of the few picks I actually got right, and it was #81!!!!

I also had Carr(duh), Peppers, M Williams, McKinnie, Stallworth, Green, Harris, and Pearson all picked in the right slots. 9 out of 98!! oh my......I also had Shockey, Bentley, Sims and D Johnson to the right teams, but in the wrong slots. 13 out of 98 in that regard.

04-21-2002, 09:44 AM
I thought Stevens would be a second rounder. I was surprised to see Chicago pass up on Rohan Davey who they like a lot in the third round. I was surprised to see a good player like Staley make it out of the first day.