View Full Version : Bartman baseball is destroyed

02-26-2004, 10:16 PM
Tonight on MSNBC, they aired live coverage of Cubs fans destroying the baseball that they claim "cursed" their team. Think about this:

1. They paid over $100,000 to buy it, then destroy it. What a waste of money.
2. They gave it a massage and a last meal although a baseball has no feelings or senses.
3. Believing that destroying a baseball execution style will rid themselves of a curse will work, think again. Championships are won on the field.
4. Has it ever occured to the Cubs fans that it wasn't Bartman that cost them a chance to play in the World Series? Perhaps if the shortstop can field the ball properly and turn a double play, it wouldn't have come down to that.
5. Or give credit to the Marlins to beat the Cubs in a seven game series to earn the trip to the World Series.

The media coverage on MSNBC and to a part ESPN was stupid and silly. All that only to destroy a baseball. It won't do anything, it won't lead them to the World Series, and it's not going to lift their "curse." What's next, a ceremony to destroy the curse of the Bambino?

02-28-2004, 03:35 AM
I'm a Cubs fan & I don't blame Bartman. I blame Gonzalez's error during the next batter.