View Full Version : East-West Shrine Game Video Available

01-22-2013, 01:16 AM
I don't know if there's any interest in this, but I've put the East-West Shrine Game up on a file sharing site in case anyone wants to download it. I know last year I had a ton of trouble trying to download season games, especially off-season stuff and I haven't seen anyone who cuts up anything relevant anywhere else. For those who missed it, don't have NFL network, or taped it but wants it in a computer friendly format - here's a link.

The file is 1.8 GB (its big, but the quality is good) and is in .mp4 format. The commercials and half time are cut out. I'm not taking credit for any of the work, I simply got it from a site and made it easier to access. It's safe and the sharing site is legit. Hope someone can find it useful. If anyone actually uses it, please let me know - I'll do the same thing for the Senior Bowl if there are actually people downloading. If not, no big deal.


(Click through and hit download at the very bottom, you'll want to look for this at the bottom of the page: Download NCAA.2012.East.West.Shrine.Game.482p.TYT.mp4)