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01-22-2013, 06:33 PM
EDITED: underlined and bold

Free Agency:
I'm not bring back Long, Carpenter, Bush, or Smith.

Clemons (3 year/ 6 million)=2
Starks (4 year/ 25 million)=6.25
Hartline (4 year/ 18 million)=4.5
Fasano (2 year/ 7 million)=3.5

Bring in:
Derek Cox (4 year/ 19 million)=4.75
Mike Wallace (5 years/ 50 million)=10

We've seen that this FO isn't afraid to trade away star players for picks. I was fine with the Vontae trade but we did get ripped off with Marshall. Fact is we're loaded with 5 picks in the first 82(?) and I still think we're gonna add another pick during the draft.

Most drafts have us taking Keenan Allen or C. Patteron.

My mock draft has us trading down 7-8 spots with either the Giants or Steelers.
With the 19th or 20th pick we still get our man in C.Patterson (I prefer him more). The first WR after us would be Allen going to St. Louis and then 2 more soon after.

20-C. Patteron WR
36--see below
42-T. Eifert TE (if available, which Walter mock has us taking)
49 (36th)- Trade 49th, 4th & 7th round pick to Detroit- Barrett Jones OT
52-D. Trufant CB
77-R.Lester S
82-C.Thomas OLB/DE

WR- Wallace, Patteron, Hartline, Bess
TE- Eifert, Fasano Clay
OL- Martin, Incog, Pouncey, Jerry, Jones


01-22-2013, 08:01 PM
I like it...I am also hoping we take Patterson and Eifert with our first two picks, whatever method we go about doing that I am down. I would then take Desmond Trufant and then take a huge chance on Tyrann Mathieu. On top of that, I would also take Bacarri Rambo. Don't think its possible to get all three of those guys, but it would certainly give us a solid young secondary, along with Reshad Jones willing to take chances and create some turnovers. I know its very heavy on defense, but if the defense was able to get some turnovers last season, our offense would have been so much easier.

Another route I would take is free agency. Go for Jarius Byrd if he is not tagged by the Bills...I fully expect that to happen, but if not, jump all over him. I would go with Mike Wallace over Greg Jennings, and sign a TE like Cook or Finley as another weapon for Tannehill. Still having a little bit of money left over, I would go for Michael Johnson at DE. Hes really the only pass rusher I see worth it.

FA: Mike Wallace, Jared Cook, Michael Johnson....didn't include Byrd because I fully expect him to get tagged, along with Michael Johnson maybe.

I would bring back Hartline, Starks, and Long at an extremely cheap price if he wants....if not, too bad. I love Reggie Bush, so I would bring him back too, but its all up to how much money he wants.

WR: Mike Wallace, Cordarelle Patterson, Brian Hartline, Davone Bess
TE: Tyler Eifert, Jared Cook, Egnew (lord help him improve lol)

Secondary: Trufant, Mathieu, Rambo, Jones...along with the other cb's we already have.

Its not an amazing secondary, but Mathieu has great skill, just a drug problem that needs to be worked out.

01-22-2013, 08:19 PM
a few things...

the couple draft boards I frequent show not only Eifert going up spots into top 20 but Ertz as well. I dont see these guys dropping. TE is a big position in this league. So relevant to any WR taken, I would say there are other receivers who are just as good IMO so its about value. I would absolutely love being able to trade down but alot has to happen. If we trade down I would take Eifert early. He wont make it to the second round past Atlanta where Gonzales is retiring. I would also take Ertz as he is a tad faster but less of a blocker but both are worth it to the way this offense will run. With Fasano not coming back in your scenario you have to ensure you get your guy. I do believe these TE's are what Philbin would want.

Second, reggie bush gone is not in my plans. He is a fan favorite and fans demand playmakers and so now you get rid of the top playmaker? I get your trying to work the numbers. You can fit Bush into your plans particularly if you restructure the LB's contracts and trade Incognito.

So your picks I would be more likely to look at Woods at your Eifert pick (that seems to be a nice fit that people will like, personally I think Bailey is worthy and will rise), Alex Okafor or Datone Jones at DE, then Trufant which gives you some real power and playmaking ability IMO and you still get a nice sized DE who show some good stuff and then you can focus on another WR, OT, or G in 3rd round.

not sure those DE's will remain stocked where they are though. There are alot of guys overhyped and overvalued IMO. It reverses as time goes on as they interview these guys and start thinking fit and mental makeup.

Also, if we were to end up with Woods and Bailey with a stud TE and we are on our way.

Also, I dont get bringing in another FA TE instead of Fasano who already knows this offense and plays a significant role in that offense. Now you would have two new TE's who have a lot to learn. Fasano is well liked by the coaches and can be had for cheaper. I think two Notre Dame TE's would be nice deal in two TE package.

01-22-2013, 08:58 PM
I think Long is a LG at the next level. Like the way he moves, though.

01-27-2013, 03:40 AM
This is the best possible offseason I've seen posted anywhere. I disagree with the person who thinks one or both TE's couldnt be there in the second. TE is not usually a high round draft position and with the needs most teams have in the first round, I could easily see one or both being there despite their first round talent level. Excellent offseason you covered all the bases.

01-27-2013, 03:48 AM
Please explain why anyone would want to resign Chris Clemmons? I really want to know.

01-27-2013, 04:17 AM
Please explain why anyone would want to resign Chris Clemmons? I really want to know.

Agreed. Bacarri Rambo should be our FS next year