View Full Version : MOCK DRAFT Picks 1- 10

03-04-2004, 09:08 PM
First Round

1. E. Manning Miss QB (SD, CLE, Pitt, Mia)
I think the Chargers will not pass (no pun intended) another Manning. So far Drew has not lived up to the hype. If the Chargers get Manning they would have a very good Offense with Manning, Boston & LT!!!

2. Larry Fitzgerald WR (Oak, ATL, TB, Mia. Philly)
Flip a coin because that is what your doing when picking from Larry & Mike. Larry seems to be VERY mature for his age. Everyone knows he has the talent. I think ATL will trade up for Larry, Mike or Roy.

3. Mike Williams WR (Az, ATL, TB, Mia, Philly)
Mike is the other side of the coin when compared to Larry. He has all the TOOLS to be a STAR. Hard to imagine a draft with this many GREAT WR's. There might be 3 1st overall WR draft picks. If they were in different drafts. I think AZ will trade down. They have to many holes to fill.

4. S. Taylor FS (Cle) Traded up to get him.
If your looking for the next Roy Williams FS/SS. Then here you go Sean will bring the WOOD. Play the Pass close to a CB. Should be Probowl within 3 years. The Browns have good WRs and Lee Suggs will emerge as a good starting running back. The Defense only needs a couple players to be NASTY. He will be the BackBone of the D.

5. R. Gallery OT (Was)
Mark Brunell would not last 3 games if the OL is not improved. Last season Ramsey was a pinball everygame. Robert along with Chris Samuels will anchor that line for years or at least until the CAP catches up.

6. K. Jones RB (Det)
They already have Charles Rogers & Joey Harrington. Give them a PLAYMAKER running back and you now have a very good offense. Sure they could use Sean Taylor to help the Defense. But the Offense is so close to be dangerous.

7. Roy Williams (Atl)
The Falcons do have a lot of holes on Defense. But Vick still needs help with the Offense. Last season Peerless was far from Priceless. He is a #2 trying to play #1. Adding Roy will help the passing game. That will help the running game...(VICK LOL).

8. B. Roethlisberger QB (NYG) Traded Down select him.
I just have a really strong gut feeling that he is a BUST. I would not give a 1st or 2nd for him with this draft . YES I know the HYPE on him. Out with the old in with the new in NY. The new coaching change will bring in new blood at the QB position. Collins has put up good numbers except when he is in the redzone. Maybe they will trade Kerry or keep him for another season and GROOM Ben.

9. T. Harris DT (Jags)
The Jags could go with DT or WR here. But the Defense will be losing some starters. So I think they need help more with the Defense. Last season the new addition WRs Troy & Johnson did pretty good. Toss in Jimmy Smith and you no longer need a WR this season. They could draft one in the 2nd round.

10. Kellen Winslow Jr. TE (Hou)
They need a TE to complete the Offense. They improved the OL and have Davis as a RB. They have Two or Three Good WR's. A couple good young QB's to choose from. They could also pick Udeze DE. But instead they will pick a Soldier!!! Lol.