View Full Version : Looking for some new fantasy owners...

03-13-2004, 12:42 AM
The league that i run is looking for some new blood.We need 3, new managers for our keeper league,possibly 5 (if we decide to go with 12 teams) .It is a roll over league,witch means it will continue into other sports.FOOTBALL HOCKEY,and BASEBALL,are the leagues we play in.we will start fresh with this years drafts in all the sports.The league has 7 managers that are very active,and competative.The core of us have been playing together for about 4 years now.This will be the first year we have tried the keeper part of it,but with the solid group of guys we already have,i think it will be a great addition to our league.We are looking for people who want to play all the sports listed,and are commited to playing every year.We also would like for the people interested to be very active,and VERY VERY VERY competative.if this interests you please post here,or drop me a p.m. ASAP,because the baseball draft is only 15 days away.

THANKS,and i hope to see some of my fellow FIN-FANS there.:bandwagon