View Full Version : Wrestlemania XX

Norm Coleman
03-14-2004, 03:58 AM
Is anyone ordering it or are you going to a bar/friends house to watch it?

The match I am most jazzed about is Eddie G and Kurt Angle because they are 2 of the top 5 in ring preformers in WWE and I hope that Eddie gets a long title reign, he deserves it.

I am also excited about Brock Lesnar/Goldberg. I didn't think much about it until Brock announced his "retirement", also this is to be Goldberg's last WWE match so I think we will see a replay of Judgement Day 1998 where Steve Austin (who will be the referee) stunned both Undertaker and Kane and declared himself the winner.

03-14-2004, 07:36 AM
Wrestling is a sport? :confused:

Random comment....The ROCK is the man!