View Full Version : T2theJZ and Breckenridge

03-24-2004, 01:53 AM
you guys signed up for this, lets get moving here, designate a time in the next day or two and play....

Same thing with Amars, but I cant come down on him since hes been in the league for about 6 hours now :lol: I think our matchup will get done quickly since he plays Madden all the time.

03-24-2004, 01:59 AM
Yes I've been 0-1 too long heh.

03-24-2004, 08:00 PM
im ready for my week 2 game, lets get this show on the road.

03-25-2004, 12:31 PM
We had predetermined that we would have one week to finish each game. Today is exactly one week. If your game isn't played by tomorrow, you risk losing your spot in FML. Come on guys, we need to get this thing rolling......