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04-05-2004, 05:13 PM
A poem to Ty Law

We love to watch you play football,
We cheered what you did to Marvin.
But it really shocked us one and all,
To hear that you were starvin'.

You say it was a big insult,
our offer, a slap in the face.
But signing you would be less difficult,
if your ego took less space.

So now your going to "make the rounds",
Every chance to get "on the air".
But if you were playing for the Browns,
No one would listen if you were there.

You're trying to force us to let you go,
You've even offered to pay us back.
But if there is one thing everybody knows,
It's, your "charity" don't mean jack.

Only a few short weeks ago, at seasons end,
Your value was at it's highest.
Our owner, over the desk you tried to bend,
But, his sphincter you found the tightest.

Now you can't wait to get out of town,
Our coach, you've called a liar.
But your tantrums make your value go down,
And your "bridges" are all on fire.

Don't think you're going to Buffalo,
New York City, or The Fish.
You may find yourself an "Average Joe",
And Arizona, the answer to your wish.