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04-14-2004, 12:20 AM
Does anyone really have any confidince in who they think the top 5 teams will take in the draft a week and a half away? More than anyyear I can't remember the top 5 picks are more cloudy than engagement ring baught at Walmart.

Sandiego-Has already shown that they are sketchy about taking another shot at a QB early in the draft. If they take a QB at #1 then you concede that a 2nd overall pick, and the 1 pick in the 2 round and millions of dollars have gone to waste in very recent years. Do they have the balls to make that 3 wasted picks and anohther 50 mill down the drain? So the logical choice is they trade the pick to NY, but what if NY gets gun shy knowing the Chargers won't pick a QB. So if they trade the pick to NY everyone knows Eli is the first pick, but what if they can't strike a deal? Then you have no idea who is the top pick. They need a WR, Williams&Williams and Fitzgerald could all be decalred the best in the draft. They need a LT Gallery could fill a major whole. They can't stop the run, so Willfork wouldn't be a bad choice, but doesn't really warrant the #1 pick. Then they could go with Eli, but many inside guys say they have Rivers as the best QB on the board.

Oakland-Pretty much everything just said goes to them as well. WR, QB, LT, and DT are all major needs. I think WR will be their pick, but of Eli is there things get fuzzy, and with WR who would be #1 on their board?

Arizona-Who the hell know what they are going to do. They don't have a strong need at WR or LT. Green has said McKnown is their QB, so that takes away their only logical Pick. I would have to say they trade out of the spot maybee for the Pats two first round choices so they can get a LB or CB and a RB later in the draft.

Giants is a pretty postive choice, but depending if they pick at #1 or #4 that sure pick changes. If they stay at 4 it still could get cloudy if someone trades with AZ to get Gallery.

Washington takes a UM guy, but witch one? Gibbs loves the TE, but it would be hard to pass on the gamer that Taylor is. I would lean towards Taylor mainly because I don't think Gibbs ever wants to have to game plan to stop another Taylor on defense.

Bottom line I think there seriously could be 7-8 guys taken in the first 5. I could also see the first 4 making some major moves. The top 3 have major holes at many postions, so they all could try to get more picks, and with all of them having major holes there is no clear cut pick for any of these teams. I think this is the most wide open draft in years.

04-14-2004, 11:49 AM
Manning, Fitzgerald, Taylor, Gallery and Roy Williams or Ben Roethlisberger will go top 5