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bad referee
04-16-2004, 05:51 PM
Hey all,

I'm going to try to keep this as un-spamlike as possible. I'm not here to advertise a website. I'm looking for writers who have a passion for their football team, and the NFL in general. I run an NFL website and we're looking to expand our writer base.

If you are interested, simply send me an email. I'll leave my personal email so I don't spam the site here: trent714@charter.net

Serious inquiries only, please.

Thank you.

04-16-2004, 05:52 PM
I'm curious to see what website you run.

bad referee
04-16-2004, 05:55 PM

If you are interested, I will only submit the URL through an email. Like I said, I have no interest in advertising on these forums.

Steve Mo
04-16-2004, 06:16 PM
hmmmm phinzone fired Mike after that article and need a new writer?

bad referee
04-16-2004, 06:20 PM
We're an NFL website. We have no affiliation with Phinzone, and we cover all 32 NFL football teams.

04-16-2004, 07:56 PM
I nominate Circling Wagons!

04-16-2004, 11:19 PM
I would like to see the site.... pm me.

bad referee
04-16-2004, 11:23 PM

Try my profile if you want to see the site.

Silent Hippy
06-13-2004, 09:04 PM
try this...