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04-19-2004, 02:28 PM
man this wasn't cool. VEISHEA is a 100+ year old tradition at Iowa State. The Ames Police busted a party that got too big, and of course the students got pissed off.

Now before you go off on the students, you should realize it started out as a crowd of about 400 pissed off people. Totally warranted for shutting down the party mind you, however this is campus town flowing with hundreds of people there for the annual festival. I myself was shooting pool when I walked out at 2 in the morning oblivious to my surroundings. I got a fave full of mace for stepping out onto the sidewalk...cool huh?

That crowd of 400 partying college kids grew to several thousand due to the police jumping the gun. It kills me that every time a black person is hurt it's a racial crime and has to be investigated, yet last night hundreds of students were gassed because they walked out of a bar at the wrong time. Other students that LIVE in campus town and were on their own lawns and property grilling, talking to a few friends, etc. were attacked by the police beaten with batons, and maced as well.

Now, I'm not by ANY means condoning rioting behavior. However I think the rest of the story should be told. Any campus in the united states on any given weekend will have a big party busted. Those people are all of the sudden on the street with nowhere to go. Now, this usually isn't a big deal, as they stand in the street all hot under their collars etc. then cool down and leave. But when the police gas them.....it gets them pissed. Why don't you just stir the honrets nest why don't you? And while your in the process, why not mace and gas people legally walking out of bars after a night of celebrating, and then go mace and beat down people sitting on their own lawns.

The Ames PD acted extremely irresponsibly in this case. there have been 6 years of relative peace at the VEISHEA celebration, with the occasional busting of a big party and angry students mulling the street just like any other university in the US. But the police jumped the gun and attacked innocent people which of course made other people missed off, and then the **** hit the fan. Watch this video to see for yourself. From what little I saw through my teary vision, it was a hell of a sight.


04-19-2004, 04:18 PM
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04-19-2004, 04:19 PM
I would've had a Tate-fest with those children :lol: