View Full Version : Heat/BlackHole?

04-19-2004, 04:21 PM
At the Heat game Sunday night, it was reported that they handed out free Black Miami Heat T-Shirts to do a basketball version, of the black hole? What's your take on this whole thing? They don't seem to have a problem selling Heat playoff tickets. They had a sellout crowd, and will likely throughout their entire playoff run.

So do you like or dislike this NBA version of the Black Hole, for the Miami Heat?

04-19-2004, 04:47 PM
I like it. the crowd was pumped yesterday!!!

04-19-2004, 05:04 PM
it looked so bizarre on TV :)

04-19-2004, 07:25 PM
I think we're doing it for every game. I got my tix for Wed. & I'll be going to games 5 & 7(hopefully there isn't one) if there is one.

04-19-2004, 09:08 PM
I like it, but I honestly don't like using the word "Black Hole" to reference it. Its sounds like a cop-out to the Raiders. Think of something else to call it.

On another note, I don't like the yellow paint on our Miami Heat's home court. I understand our logo has a microscopic tint of yellow on it, but we need to get rid of that yellow paint on the court because it looks totally unrelated to the Heat. For all the years I've followed the Miami Heat, we have always been red, white, and black. That yellow paint is just annoying already. And the HUGE Heat logo at center court is way too big. Its looks chessy when its that big. I think its the biggest center court logo of all NBA courts. I liked how it was during the Miami Arena days.

04-19-2004, 10:41 PM
I like it, but I honestly don't like using the word "Black Hole" to reference it. Its sounds like a cop-out to the Raiders.

I agree. To hell with all of that. I'll be wearing my RED Wade Nike swingman jersey on Wed.

I'ma use the shirt to wave it....but aren't they giving away those white blow-up clappers?

04-20-2004, 01:57 AM
Hopefully I can get Tix for the 2nd round... Hopefully they get passed the Hornets.

They referred to it as a version of the Raiders "Black Hole" but thats not what they were calling it.

So I hear game 2 isn't gonna be aired nationally, but on NBA TV? What is that crap?

04-20-2004, 03:25 AM
ESPN and TNT dont give a crap about our Heat so folks like myself in Orlando will have to find a bar to watch, turns out to be agood thing, I have major exams the next day, but the Heat will be on my mind when I study, so i dunno how much of that i will get done...