View Full Version : Kentucky -Tennessee area.

05-26-2004, 01:50 AM
Originally from Ky, now living right on the border of Ky in a small town in Tenn. called Lafollette. (About 40 miles North of Knoxville) Wish the fins were playing the Titans down here again this year. I went to the game on Sunday night a couple years ago when we whipped up on them (although they got us back last year) Give me a yell and let me know what area you are in. Dan Also, I am an Administrator on a KY Wildcat Basketball and sports forum, my name there is kyblueintenn, so if any of you guys reading this loves KY basketball and sports, come on by...... http://wildcatmania.proboards9.com/ -- (not trying to spam, just wanted to invite anyone by that wanted to swing in, hope that was ok)