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06-24-2004, 08:50 AM
The Herald and Sun-Sentinel are both reporting that Miami is trying to move in the 8-12 area, and we all know Cleveland is looking to move out of the lottery. Both papers reported that Caron Butler has been talked about. The Sun-Sentinel gave more insight, as they mention #19 and Caron going to Cleveland in return for #10 and either Wagner or Diap. There's no doubt in my mind that Wagner would fit better in that deal to even it out.

David Aldridge(s/p?) was talking about potential draft day trades last night...he mentioned Caron and #19 for Wagner and #10, where Miami would be in position to get their man in Al Jefferson.

Although Jefferson is a 6'9/263 PF, he would allow Odom to move back to SF, where he would be unstoppable. It is kind've interesting that our main focus is a high school player, but I can see why as this guy is as strong as they come. Jefferson actually reminds me a lot of Elton Brand. A potential front court of Jefferson, Blount, Grant, and Haslem with Odom occassionally sliding over could be very tempting..

If this deal went down, I'd project our 2004-2005 line-up as follows:
5-Blount(large portion of MLE)/Adonal Foyle(small portion of MLE)

Jefferson eventually replaces Grant and Wagner may eventually wind up in the backcourt either at the point or the wing.

Prime Time
06-24-2004, 12:43 PM
I don't know...I really liked the bright future of Odom-Wade-Butler and go from there. I know Butler had a bad year, but he was better in the playoffs and who knows how he will do come Year 3. That is why, I am not sold on trading him.

06-24-2004, 04:34 PM
How did Butler have a bad year? He was coming off an injury...Q-Rich got excused his 2nd/3rd year, so I think Caron should too.

Prime Time
06-24-2004, 08:50 PM
Yes he was injured etc. But lots of people said he had a sophmore slump. I for one, would love for him to stay. But there are a lot of talks saying he may be traded.