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Prime Time
06-25-2004, 12:55 PM
This is for ALL Euro Cup talk related to the games.

Prime Time
06-25-2004, 01:31 PM
Portugal qualifies for next round as they beat England in PKs. What a game. It was back and forth and back and forth. Simply an amazing game. Both GKs did awesome jobs in regulation time. Now onto specific plays.

Owen's goal. Plain and Simple, WORLD CLASS FINISHING!!! To turn like that and chip it over the GK was incredible. Stupid mistake by the Portuguese defender. Don't recall who it was.

Rui Costa's goal, was just a fabulous shot. He had a man all over him, pulling him, but he fought that off, broke free, looked up, and then never looked back. He took a beautiful shot.

The goal that was taken away, was a good call, although I preferred England to win. I could see how you could call that, but it wasn't intentional. None the less, there was GK interference.

Becks missed PK...he has missed his last 3 PKs taken, If only one of them where vs Argentina in the WC 02...:lol: Did you guys see the PK spot after a few PKs? It was trash. Becks PK, the ball slipped off his foot, and he skied it over, still he has no excuse.

Ricardo = Hero. He was getting bashed by their fans, but now he deserves all the praise. Nice save on Vassel's kick, nicer goal scored on his PK.