View Full Version : ESPN Fantasy Football Draft

07-01-2004, 01:42 PM

ESPN had a mock Fantasy draft this past week... Several of our players were taken. Ricky was taken in the first at the 7th pick, Chambers and Boston were taken back to back in the 5th round, Randy McMichael was taken in the 9th, the Dolphins Defense was selected in the 10th round, and AJ Feeley was taken in the 14th round.

Where was good ole Jay Fiedler???? :eek: I only noticed first string quarterbacks taken in the draft, no one needs a second string qb on a fantasy team, i guess even the people at ESPN know AJ will be our starter!

Its also funny if you go and read the story behind each guy and their picks, they had Jason Langendorf, fantasy writer for Scouts Inc., he named his team Wanney the Poo. :roflmao: