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07-03-2004, 12:36 PM
I got a ? for you about my bulls. What do you think their starting line up is going to be next year. It seems like they got 3 decent PGs with Duhon,Hinrich,and Gordon. Who is going to play SG. I heard they might bring in Stephen Jackson but thats not long term. Why do they need 3 PGs?

07-03-2004, 01:46 PM
maybe they think they can build a dynasty again without a center????? but i dont see jordan on their team this time around though. i see a coach being fired and a team still being in rebuild mode.

07-03-2004, 02:17 PM
Well Chandler and Curry are both young and have potential. Plus centers arnt easy to find.

07-03-2004, 04:51 PM
Personally, I had Duhon on my bust list. He's overrated as most Duke players coming into the league are. He's a popular college player, but I don't see him doing it on the next level.

Whoever said Chicago doesn't have a center doesn't have a clue. Chicago has two guys who can play the position with just as much potential as anybody, and both have experience and were born in '82. Eddy Curry just needs to get his sh*t together. Curry was a huge underachiever last year and put up about 15/6. That kid can easily be the best center in the East if he wants to. He's a beast. I love Chandler. He's one of my favorite players in the entire league, potential wise. I was hoping to move Caron for him on draft night. Chandler is real athletic can can play both the 4 and 5. The guy is 7'1/235 and I wouldn't even care if he didn't put on weight because he's very versatile and he fits in at the 4 perfectly, with the beast(Curry) doing the dirty work at center. For Curry...he needs to work harder and actually want to be the best. For Chandler...he needs to stay healthy.

Chicago actually could've came out of this draft with Ben Gordan, Al Harrington, and Caron Butler if they played their cards right, although they still had a hell of a draft. They could've picked Gordan at #3, traded #7 for Al Harrington(Indiana was desperate for Luke Jackson), and then moved Chandler for Caron Butler. Their line-up would've been better if they did something like that.

I don't know what to say about the clog at PG. Do they expect Gordan to come off the bench, or play the 2 like he did at UConn? Hinrich was great last year and I don't expect him to come off the bench. Gordan was the best player on the board at #3...but I doubt both he and Hinrich will be in Chicago for long. Even though Indiana wanted a SF more than anything...I wouldn't be surprised to see them go after a guy like Hinrich, dangling Harrington around. That would pretty much put Chandler back on the market, as well.

Crawford might come back to play the 2.