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07-05-2004, 01:35 AM
At the risk of sounding like a little spoiled brat I must lodge a personal complaint against my favorite forum on the net, our illustrious Dolphins Forum.

It saddens me to say I can barely read the thing these days. The crap that is on the board makes it almost unreadable sometimes. Sifting through the crap is unbearable sometimes. More often than not I find myself looking at Members names before I read a particular post, just so that I don't have to read junk.

I am not suggesting that people stop posting because I don't like what they say or I find them boring/repetitive/share nothing of value to any subjects, that is not my place or intention. Although this is a private site people still have the right to post as much crap as they want granted they stay within the TOS.

This is not a post born out of July frustration, I have felt this way for months now and I'm sure that many others feel the same way I do, though I have not actually sounded anybody out on the topic. There are simply too many people saying the same thing day-in day-out that do not seek similar threads to post in causing the main forum to be littered with the same junk. If someting isn't on the front page nobody will bother to look for a similar subject on the previous pages even though most of the time a 6 page thread was already created on whatever monotenous subject this particular member wishes to post on.

Since I have a complaint I should have a suggestion to remedy this, right? Not really. I am a frustrated member yearning for the good ol' days. It is excellant that the site has 4000+ members. Maybe a "newbie" forum can be created so new members have to prove they have intelligent things to add to the site before they are "graduated" to the main forum. As a "newbie" they can post in any forum but the main forum until the mods have approved the new member. This would cut down on a lot of the crap. Also, and I really stress that I do not want to sound better than ANYBODY here because that is not the case, but maybe set up a forum where REALLY educated fans can post. No offence to anybody but I don't want to read threads that read: "let's trade Greenwood for Ray Lewis, I think we can do it..." that kind of crap. People who post crazy senarios are more than welcome to post, I just don't want to read the ludicrous dreams of somebody that has no knowledge of salary cap ramifications, signing bonuses, player value, etc. It is great to be a part time fan that does not follow the NFL as thoroughly as others but sometimes as a mass of people there threads can be a little overwhelming. I have no idea how you would decide who would be eligible for such a forum but I would love one.

To end off, I am NOT suggesting that people lose access or the right to post, I would just like to go to a place on this site where I know I can have a good conversation/debate with people whom I respect and know the game inside-out. Sometimes it is a good laugh to chat with others but more often then not I find myself skimming over the main forum and not opening a single thread because all of the titles have been the same for 4 months. I hope I do not sound bitter, I am not trying to be I just want to talk SERIOUS football with SERIOUS fans.

Sorry for the novel.

07-05-2004, 02:31 AM

Don't ever sweat offering constructive criticism of the site. Your comments were well-considered, rock-solid and valuable. Thank you for putting time and effort into providing them.

I agree with you entirely about the essential problems you're getting at. I want to hear from others about what they might see as solutions, too.

A site with 4000+ members can be more of a challenge to keep organized, and we may need to make adjustments at the margins to deal with that. I can tell you that -- as a mod -- I'm giving fewer warnings and more timeouts when people violate house rules these days. But this is different than the point you're getting at, that you want each post to represent some value-added.

So... what do others think?

07-05-2004, 02:43 AM
I hate reading long posts :down:

07-05-2004, 08:05 AM
Some staff members have once discussed having a "different" forum for the Miami Dolphins. In fact, Gram (dolfan87) once brought up the subject. Never before would it have worked because the membership at that time was small.

I'll bring up the idea and see what I can do. Perhaps, if we create such a forum, it can be a forum for those members that have donated any amount. If you think about it, any member that has donated certainly likes FinHeaven...

On the other hand, what if that forum becomes larger and takes away from the other forum... the true main forum?

So... items to discuss....

An "open-to-all" or "fee-based" more in-depth Miami Dolphins forum... ?

Would it truly be beneficial?

Would it take away from the true Main forum?

I'll see what I can do... I'll discuss this with other staff...

Andrew Tatum

Prime Time
07-07-2004, 05:13 PM
I agree with Bod on this one. I use to visit the Main Forum quite frequently, but since a lot of new guys have come aboard, I have found myself hesitant to visit the Main Forum. I usually go to other Forums. Like Bod stated, it is the stuff that people type up. I remember when I first started on this site, I had two threads I started that people thought were ridiculous but I thought they were valid arguements and it just comes out of inexperience. The newbies forum or something could be a good idea. Let people learn and grow there and then "promote" them. Just my $0.02. The site is still kick *** :up: