View Full Version : Jadakiss/Bush

07-11-2004, 10:35 PM
(credit: Drudge)
did anyone hear this new song "Why"?


"Why did Bush knock down the towers?"--in his new song

when asked why he said this, Jadakiss said something like "I wanted to sing something that appealed to white people, not only the hood."

here we go again... more Bush hating, and more stupidity from the left.

so how many Bush hating things so far?
Jadakiss, Woodward, Clarke, Moore, Gore, Worse than Watergate, 60 minutes, anything else? I'm sure you guys have run fresh out of ideas by now.

Don't worry, these guys know what they're talking about. There's no propaganda here; all proof that there comments are farfetched aren't true; all proof that these guys will do anything to get Bush out of office doesn't have anything to do with Bush out office "just reporting the news".

But don't worry you socialist, I know that Kerry will get his 4 years. I only pray that we don't have as many problems as I see happening. I know you love to preach Anybody but Bush, but don't worry, it will get worse. The answer to our problems is taxing the rich, socializing healthcare, and weakening our Defense.