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07-12-2004, 03:35 AM
Last night a group of Sioux City Bandits fans (NIFL) took a two hour trip to Omaha where the Bandits played the Omaha Beef (divisional rivals....exactly like Fins-Jets around here). The Bandits were up on the Beef just before halftime w/ about a minute to go. Oscar Davenport, QB of the Bandits (former Tar Heel starter) heaved a perfect spiral to Lucas Green who had beat his man by 10 yards. As Green went up to catch the ball on the 5 yard line an Omaha fan jumped out of his seat and knocked the ball down. I'm not talking a few inches...he leaned clear over the wall. A flag was thrown and the penalty of "fan interference" was called. The L.O.S. at that time was the opposing teams 15. A penalty of 3 yards was given....not an automatic first down near the goal line. The Bandits ended up punting that drive and went on to lose the game 46 - 40. The 7 points we were f*** out of cost us the game. :fire: :fire:

• Fan interference by a woman spectator in the front row on a pass to wide-open Sioux City receiver Lucas Green near the Beef 5-yard line. The officials penalized Omaha 3 yards and put the ball on Sioux City's 18-yard line.

For the record it wasn't a woman. He sure as he// acted like a b*tch though. :lol:

Buda said he wasn't positive the right call was made.
Sandy Buda is the Omaha Beef coach. You know it's a screw job when the opposing coach knows it was wrong.

"That's the first time I've ever seen that," Buda said. "I'd like to thank the lady that made that play. Our tryouts are in January, and she's welcome to come out."

He's basically thanking the guy for advancing the Beef to round 2.

It was little consolation, but one of our DE's, Chris Eggleston, got a shot at the guy that knocked the pass down. After halftime, just before kick-off, he was walking around the field doing high steps drinking a big cup of ice water. When he got near the dude he chucked it in his face, soaking him. He was close enough I think the force of the ice hurt his face. :lol:

Here's the article: Bartman's Back (http://www.omaha.com/index.php?u_np=0&u_pg=38&u_sid=1145228)

I'm not sure if any of you care about this all that much, but this one hurt just as much as a Fins loss for me being that it was a playoff game. :shakeno: I'll post Sioux City's take on the whole thing (it tells it alot more accurately) when it's on the Journal's site. Thanks for listening. :lol: We had a great time having sh!t thrown at us...pretty sad that our section was louder then all of the home team fans. :lol:

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Thank you Primetime, I was just about to post it. I'm surprised you even opened the link for the pic I IM'd you. :lol: The article is in my sig. I didn't even remember the lady, the moron in the black shirt is the one I saw. He ended up falling onto the field.

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