View Full Version : The Rockets need a PG...

07-22-2004, 02:44 PM
As a Rockets fan, I am beginning to worry a little about the PG situation. With only Lue under contract, alarms have to start going off. It's not that I doubt Lue's ability; personally I'd be happy with him starting. But what does concern me is how mediocre PGs are getting really high priced contracts. Personally I'm happy that we didn't decided to go after Fisher or Alston and try to give them a bigger offer. It would have been nice to have either one of them but not at the price they got. IMO only Fisher is a noticible improvement over Lue. Now Brent Barry is the one i'm bitter about but I wont go into that rant again! :fire:

My question is who's left? And with the contracts that are being offered right now, what kind of money will teams throw at run-of-the-mill PGs? Does the pose a problem for Houston?

07-22-2004, 03:10 PM
Lue is crap, a decent backup. If he has to play major minutes you will notice most of his flaws. He is a good change of pace/backup PG that you don't want playing over 15-20 mins a night.

The Magic had bad PGs last year so TMac handled the ball a lot and it looks like he will have to do the same in Houston. As for available PGs? I think the only decent available ones are to be had in a trade. Too bad you didn't go after Snow, he went for peanuts(mostly because he is very average, but at least dependable, much more so then Lue.)