View Full Version : Racial Profiling

08-06-2004, 03:53 AM
Apparently this happened almost a month ago, but i didnt see anything about it. On Flight 327 there was suspicious activity by a large group of arab males, that turned out to be nothing but a traveling Syrian band. They were getting up when the fasten seatbelt light was on, congrigating by the bathrooms, and doing both of these things in large numbers. At one point about 7-10 people got up and started moving towards the front and back of the plane. Although they were noticed by Air Marshals and stewardesses alike, nothing was done to stop the activity. my question is, why werent the syrians at least warned to stop doing what they are doing? i just read some stuff on the net about how it could have been a "dry run" for future terrorist attacks, but i woudnt go that just yet. i did notice that political correctness when it came to the race of the men was a main detterent. IMO something should have been done, am i just overreacting???