View Full Version : Who deleted my post?

08-06-2004, 04:26 AM
I had a post deleted that said:

I wonder if officers have "MOS's"?

It was deleted by someone. Fess up :mad:

08-06-2004, 04:27 AM
Yes, officers have MOS's

08-06-2004, 04:28 AM
Who deleted that post?

08-06-2004, 09:51 AM
I never saw it.

08-06-2004, 10:02 AM
I never saw it either and dont really know what u are talking about

08-06-2004, 12:57 PM
I had a post deleted that said:

I wonder if officers have "MOS's"?

It was deleted by someone. Fess up :mad:

Officer's have Mos in the way of idenifying what branch they're in..As I was a 13 series Officer, I could work in any of the different jobs in that series as FIST Chief, Fire Direction Officer, XO, Battery commander, BN staff positions from the S1 to S4 positions as well as BN XO and BN Commander..it all dependented on rank and opportunity. As a 54 series Officer I was strictly a research and development officer..My first assignment was procurring new weapons systems for the Field Artillery...and there's different jobs within the 54 series I could have had..

Most people are use to the MOS as in the enlisted Soldier, ie. in my branch he could have been a 13F or 13E or 13B..the F is forward observers, the E in fire direction guys, and the B is gun bonnies as we called them..guys who fired the howitzers..Where as they pretty much stay in their one MOS, I can work with a 13F as a FIST Chief, or a 13E as a Fire Direction Officer, or a 13B in most cases a the Battery XO..xo stands for executive Officer.

08-06-2004, 01:04 PM
I was a 91A, Combat Infantry Medic at Ft. Polk

Reclassified to 92K, Lab Specialist, when I went Reserves

08-06-2004, 03:51 PM
Hey, Clump. I deleted that post. It was a judgment call, -- you hadn't said anything wrong, but if left in place it would have ended up as a confusing leftover from a somewhat contentious matter that needed to be put to rest.

I hate to have to rehash any of this, but you expressed concern and you're deserving of an explanation. Okay:

MDFinFan had referenced personal military experience... PhinPhan1227 inquired about his MOS... MD didn't see this... 1227 inquired again... MD didn't see this... 1227 inquired again... and again... and again. MD apparently wasn't reading where these inquiries were posted on the tail-ends of various threads. MD posted on other matters, and appeared to be ignoring 1227's queries.

Military service is a serious matter. Someone questioning another's military service is damned serious, too. So this became pretty sensitive and potentially contentious. 1227 reached the point where he was directly challenging MD. But MD finally saw the question AND ANSWERED IT IN FULL.

I can't say that I fault 1227 for pressing for an answer when it appeared that the question might be being ignored. But I give MD LOTS of credit for politely and calmly responding in full once he saw the question.

This is where the judgment call comes in. AFTER MD had answered in full, there remained several "trailing" posts in other threads that called his military service into question. If someone saw these without happening upon the thread in which MD responded in full, they were left with the impression that MD was ducking the question. This would be grossly unfair to a good veteran, so as I happened upon them, I deleted them because they were moot, misleading and unfair if left (apparently) unanswered.

After deleting two of them, Clump, I saw your follow-up post to one of them in which you posed the officer-status question. It seemed moot, and if I left it in place, it would look like you were popping in with a question that had no context whatsoever. I didn't want to leave you hanging out there and the matter seemed resolved, so... I deleted it. No harm was intended, -- I was trying to remove any trailing question as to MD's military service.

I welcome anyone's thoughts or comments about this.