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08-06-2004, 10:50 PM
my love of the dolphins has become an abusive relationship
but i could not care more about them more than i do now
this is what makes a team a legend

and instead of good luck we have bad luck

our hero is the defense, a group of guys: jt, sam, tim, pat, zach and maybe ogun, and the junior seau, and set of wretchedly good newbies

and instead of a time of superstar success, like the patriots seem to be a commercial from, we are embedded in mythic bad luck.
we have a lot of people on this team who i would want on my team, and there are a lot on offense: chris, who i hope has the season he deserves and will be fun watching earn; poor dave boston, who i have grown to admire, and who will be good whenever he comes back; aj feeley, who will do great if he is given a good offense; and the hero of our season might have to be randy mcmicheal, who has the talent and the ambition, in a system of high percentage passing; and an oline more like a child than a teammate,
who're going to need to be a surprise in a good way on their first try.

2004 will one of the most memorable dolphins season ever in my life
and we're gonna play it in the junkyard

08-07-2004, 12:10 AM
Every team has the share of injuries. Football is the ultimate TEAM sport and I believe in the Dolphins and Wanny.