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08-18-2004, 05:45 PM
MVP Sportsbook solidifies its commitment to the fantasy football community

as the proud sponsors of The Draft 2004 (Dallas, Green Bay & Buffalo), WCOFF

(Las Vegas), NFFC (Las Vegas) and Kahuna Sports Fantasy Football Frenzy (Las


Now you too can live the excitement by placing your fantasy football wagers

online with MVP’s proposition bets. What could be better than fantasy bets

that pay real money?

What are proposition bets?

They are bets using the same type information you look at when deciding your

fantasy line-up each week.

Here a few examples:

Net Rushing Yards by Priest Holmes -- Over/Under 96.5

Total Reception by Marvin Harrison -- Over/Under 7.5

Total Pass Completions by Brett Favre -- Over/Under 22.5

Who will have more Rushing Yards -- Priest Holmes -14.5

Travis Henry +14.5

Longest Field Goal of the Game Will Be -- Over/Under 42.5 yards

For EACH and EVERY game of the NFL Pre-Season, Regular Season & Playoffs MVP

Sportsbook will feature DOZENS of fantasy propositions. If you're an MLB

fan as well, the same goes for every baseball game on the board.

And in an unprecedented promotional offer exclusive to fantasy football

enthusiasts, MVP Sportsbook will give you 15% of your initial deposit in

cash! That’s 50% MORE than our regular cash bonus.

Be sure to look for us at The Draft 2004, WCOFF, NFFC and Kahuna Sports

Fantasy Football Frenzy for your Free MVP T-shirts, Free Hats, Free Pens,

Free Golf Towels, etc. I'll be in Dallas this weekend looking forward to

meeting you at "The Draft".

Have a great weekend betting on all the Pre-Season NFL action!


Ricky Price


*Note - yes, you have to attend these functions in order to receive MVP Promotional items.