View Full Version : shedding no tears for johnny boy

08-21-2004, 02:11 AM
Look, I would rather talk about the war. The current one, I mean -- not the one that ended three decades ago. But kerry’s only take on Campaign 2004 is to stroll down memory lane. Whether the swift boats’ claims are politicized or not, is not the point, Kerry brought this on himself for making Vietnam his central campaign theme. He forced a war that the country has spent the last 30 years trying to forget back down everyone’s throat—first by questioning Bush’s role in it, then by playing up his (while burying his actions when he got home, of course).

When the media went ape-s—t over the “Bush lied/Niger uranium bit,” Bush took it, knowing Mr. Joe Wilson was just advancing his career as a future Kerry consultant. We now know –through the 9/11 commision’s final report among other things – that Wilson was full of s— and Bush was totally in the right to say the 17 little words he said about UK intelligence’s findings on the Iraq-Niger-uranium link that day. But it’s old news now, and the media isn’t interested in giving even 25% as much ink to correcting their record (kind of like Jenin). So in the end, bush unfairly took it, most of it still sticks, but he’s moved on. Compared to the smack Bush has had to take, taking on the swiftboats should be as easy as getting into Swiss finishing school for you. Your opponents ever call you a communist in public for your love affairs with the Sardanistas and apologies for Pol Pot’s killing fields? No, that’s something that would be out of bounds wouldn’t it? But Bush’s opponents could make intellectually-bankrupt comparisons to facisim and Hitler – and not just from bratty, flag-burning, protestors, but also from the Democratic party’s official online revenue generator. That’s fair, I guess?

So Boo, F’in Hoo, JFK! You have to put your $100 hair cuts on hold to deal with your former band of Brothers, who have a different version of your events – exaggerated or not. Hey, too bad. Welcome to the Big Show. If you really want these guys to go away, drop the 30-year-old war rhetoric on your four months in Vietnam Vietnam and start answering the tough questions about the current conflict, with a bit more conviction than “we need a more sensitive war on terror.” You might also want to justify why you got just about every military and cold war-related vote wrong as Senetor. Guess the swiftboat guys aren’t that bad after all, eh Johnny boy?