View Full Version : 10 Suggestions for a more Sensitive War on Terror

08-22-2004, 11:34 PM
Ten Suggestions for a more Sensitive War on Terror

10. Stop calling it a "war." Rename it to the "Protest Against Terror."
Protests always get people's attention and let them know that what you're
protesting against is wrong.

9. Use softer bullets. Metal bullets hurt the terrorists, and that makes
them hate us more.

8. Perhaps wanna-be President Kerry can invite Osama bin Laden to the
White House for a "cuddling party" with Kerry/Edwards. Nothing makes
friends faster than a good cuddle.

7. Only go to war if the French and the UN say it's okay. Everyone knows
how skillful the French are at dealing with other nations, and the UN has
proven time and again its efficacy in dealing with terrorists.

6. Pull the troops out of Iraq within six months, but stay the course and
even send more troops. If you have to ask, it's too nuanced for you.

5. Gently but firmly remind the terrorists that he was in Vietnam for four
months thirty-five years ago. They won't dare pull anything then.

4. Ensure government owned and operated health care for all Americans,
paid for with higher taxes. Terrorists won't bother to attack if they know
all Americans have health care; it won't do any good then.

3. Stop eating pork and cover the women. Don't let them read or vote.
That will show the terrorists that we understand them and appreciate their culture.

2. Don't call them "terrorists." They feel bad enough about our bullying,
abusive foreign policy as it is. Call them "armed peace demonstrators."
They'll feel more... peaceful.

1. Don't send soldiers; send social workers. All they really need is love
and understanding.