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08-23-2004, 12:26 PM
I've been looking over the teams that have a solid surplus at RB and who we might expect to get cheap.

1) Oakland--Fargas, Wheatley, Hambrick, Zeoroue, Crockett
**One of the top four must go and I think it will be Hambrick...don't know if he is worth a look

2) Pittsburgh--Bettis, Staley, Hayes, Brown, Krieder
***Probably will keep Bettis and Hayes unless we fork over a middle rounder for Bettis.....I think there is a possibility here....Bettis hasn't been overworked in the last few years and he would be a big upgrade IMHO

3) St. Louis--Faulk, Jackson, Harris, Gordon
***Gordon out at least a month with an ankle injury...prospects don't look good here unless RS has another blockbuster up his sleeve and pulls Faulk somehow.

4) Baltimore--Lewis, Taylor, Smith
***With the drug charges I don't think the Ravens deal anyone of the other two backs

5) Chicago--Jones, Thomas, Forshey, Abdullah
**Not enough depth here and they must keep some insurance in case the Jones of Arizona shows up in Chi-town.

6) Cleveland--Suggs, Green, Jackson, Echemandu
**My friend is cleveland says they like the rookie from Cal and Jackson is being shopped heavily....personally, I would rather wait to see what is cut as I am not impressed with Jackson but if we want him he can be had for a 6th I would think.

7) Denver--Griffin, Bell, Anderson, Hearst
**Our best options I would think....Shannahan is no fool and there were a bunch of reason why he ran Anderson over 20 times in a preseason game.....can you say showcase??....He will be shopped and Denver will plays teams off of each other to get a higher pick...it will take a 3rd or a 4th for Anderson...might be able to get Hearst if they want to keep Anderson BUT I think Anderson was being showcased last game

08-23-2004, 12:32 PM
Didn't quite finish.....

8) Green Bay--Green, Davenport, Fisher
***Pack uses all of these backs well during games, don't see them dealing from this hand.

9) Jacksonville--Taylor, Toefield, Jones
***As is the case with Bell in Denver, Jones won't be dealt because he is a rookie and they want to see his potential....I think Toefield is worth a long look if we can get him with a low pick.....young back not overused to this point and with much more potential then what we have....IF we can pry him away for a 5th this is where I would turn

OVERALL--I think we will probably WAIT until all cuts have been made, scan the leftovers, and then offer a low rounder for either Bettis, Toefield or Hearst....if none of those come to us we will pick someone up and run a shaky committee. We still haven't seen Henry work and we would love to see that soon as he is probably our best option as a 1st and 2nd down back.


08-23-2004, 01:23 PM
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