View Full Version : My 2004 FF Team : Rate Me Please!!!

08-30-2004, 11:12 AM
I play in a 16 team league, and the guys I play against are very tough. I'd appreciate someone grading my team. Here it is...

I had the #5 pick overall...

1. RB S. Alexander - SEA :D
2. RB C. Dillon - NE
3. WR D. Jackson - SEA
4. WR P. Burress - PIT
5. WR D. Stallworth - NO
6. RB M. Williams - MIN
7. WR M. Muhammad - CAR
8. QB J. Delhomme - CAR
10. QB T. Maddox - PIT
11. RB L. Jordan - {wild card pick}
12. K O. Mare - MIA
14. K N. Rackers - ARZ


Later... :cool:

08-30-2004, 11:25 AM
You alexander pick is pretty good, he's solid..i'd like to know what the previous four picks were...recieving core is decent. Burress is pretty good, jackson usually gets alot of TD's. Stallworth is off and on...but its a 16 team league so the talent is pretty spread out im assuming. You got a good buffalo D with your #9 I like that one. Delhomme isn't bad in such a deep league for the most part I like you QB late pick strategy because someone always breaks out every year...unless you take an elite gamebreaker QB early I usually look at the 2 RB's first. Seems solid