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09-03-2004, 05:46 PM
What can I say, I finally found a deal, A GREAT DEAL!! And the best of all they ARE NOT FAKE. Well what kind of deal you ask? I'm talking about Authentic Jerseys of Jason Taylor, Sam Madison, Zach Thomas, Junior Seau, and probably the hardest to fins of them all CHRIS CHAMBERS



Well get this only 145.00 plus shipping for any aqua or white jersey.
Original 250.00 plus tax?
Your going to save over 100.00 on this deal, cause I know I did.

And only 175.00 plus shipping for any Orange Jersey.
Original 279.99 plus Tax?
Your going to save over 100.00 again.

I know you dont believe me , just like that other guy a long time ago that said that he knew a friend that said he had any authentic jersey. Someone even asked him if he could get a A-Rod jersey and he said yes, but in the end (of course) he had nothing and just made fools out of us. Well, Ive got proof that I have jerseys, Check this Jersey I just got in today!!!

Sorry I'm at work right now, so I cant give all the details right now, so I was wondering when I should come back. Later on today or Middle day tomorrow, because I want everyone to have a fair share at these Jerseys. Im going to come back with:

Pictures to prove that they are not fake.
Pictures of me wearing the ones I bought.
Show you examples that "how to tell which are fake"
And answer any questions

I finally found them, at good prices, just in time for the season.
I'll be back just tell me what time is better later today or tomorrow afternoon.
Thanks, again, gmoney41
Sorry for the Sloppiness , I'm at work cant get in trouble!! :eek:

09-17-2004, 01:57 PM
Find me a Poole jersey and I'll buy it.