View Full Version : T-Buck signs with Jets who lose Ray Mickens for the year.

09-08-2004, 03:51 PM
Ray Mickens started 14 games for the Jets and is one of the best nickel CBs in the game and is now lost for the season. In comes Buckley.

09-08-2004, 04:08 PM
Buckley is the AFC EAST Cornerback Slut. Just like Ashley Ambrose is to the NFC South

09-08-2004, 04:09 PM
All he needs now is a stint with Buffalo and he will have all the AFC East helmets on his wall.

09-08-2004, 04:10 PM
t-buck runnin a train on all these afc east hoes.

Jimmy James
09-08-2004, 04:11 PM
Just remember that he wasn't good enough to even make it as our last guy or we'd have him. The same obviously goes for the Patriots. It's nice to know that we could be seeing the Jets covering Thompson or Gilmore with a guy who couldn't even make our roster...