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08-07-2002, 12:07 AM
The first draft of the inagural season of the Finheaven Fantasy Football League is complete! Much fun was had by all of those who participated, and those who did not make it autodrafted quite well. Some took it seriously others didn't but it didn't detract from the fun. Join us as we share the results of this highly anticipated draft. Our draft was done in snake style, meaning the person who picks first in the first round picks last in the second round. Then first in the third round and last in the fourth round. If you don't get it you'll see how it works when you look at the draft itself. The order of the draft was randomized so nobody got a fair advantage over anyone else. For your information I am the commissioner of the league and my team's name is

The Jets Suck!

Round 1:
Ice's Dolphins : Faulk, Marshall (RB-StL)
Death to Planes : Williams, Ricky (RB-Mia)
South Beach Fins : Warner, Kurt (QB-StL)
The Bills Suck! : Alexander, Shaun (RB-Sea)
The Jets Suck! : Green, Ahman (RB-GB)
QuebecFins : Garcia, Jeff (QB-SF)
Dolphin Fantatics : Chambers, Chris (WR-Mia)
JerseyFins : Holmes, Priest (RB-KC)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Manning, Peyton (QB-Ind)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Favre, Brett (QB-GB)
The Pats Suck! : Owens, Terrell (WR-SF)
Le Dolfan : Culpepper, Daunte (QB-Min)

Round 2:
Le Dolfan : Tomlinson, LaDainian (RB-SD)
The Pats Suck! : McNabb, Donovan (QB-Phi)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: James, Edgerrin (RB-Ind)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Harrison, Marvin (WR-Ind)
JerseyFins : Moss, Randy (WR-Min)
Dolphin Fantatics : Stewart, Kordell (QB-Pit)
QuebecFins : Boston, David (WR-Ari)
The Jets Suck! : Martin, Curtis (RB-NYJ)
The Bills Suck! : Davis, Stephen (RB-Was)
South Beach Fins : George, Eddie (RB-Ten)
Death to Planes : Dillon, Corey (RB-Cin)
Ice's Dolphins : Holt, Torry (WR-StL)

Round 3:
Ice's Dolphins : Thomas, Anthony (RB-Chi)
Death to Planes : Miami (DEF-Mia)
South Beach Fins : Bledsoe, Drew (QB-Buf)
The Bills Suck! : Moulds, Eric (WR-Buf)
The Jets Suck! : Gannon, Rich (QB-Oak)
QuebecFins : Taylor, Fred (RB-Jac)
Dolphin Fantatics : Bettis, Jerome (RB-Pit)
JerseyFins : Smith, Rod (WR-Den)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Horn, Joe (WR-NO)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Smith, Jimmy (WR-Jac)
The Pats Suck! : Johnson, Keyshawn (WR-TB)
Le Dolfan : McAllister, Deuce (RB-NO)

Round 4:
Le Dolfan : Morton, Johnnie (WR-KC)
The Pats Suck! : Brown, Tim (WR-Oak)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Bennett, Michael (RB-Min)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Gonzalez, Tony (TE-KC)
JerseyFins : Bruce, Isaac (WR-StL)
Dolphin Fantatics : Burress, Plaxico (WR-Pit)
QuebecFins : Glenn, Terry (WR-GB)
The Jets Suck! : Mason, Derrick (WR-Ten)
The Bills Suck! : Jackson, Darrell (WR-Sea)
South Beach Fins : Chicago (DEF-Chi)
Death to Planes : Brooks, Aaron (QB-NO)
Ice's Dolphins : Griese, Brian (QB-Den)

Round 5:
Ice's Dolphins : Brown, Troy (WR-NE)
Death to Planes : Rice, Jerry (WR-Oak)
South Beach Fins : Mare, Olindo (K-Mia)
The Bills Suck! : Fiedler, Jay (QB-Mia)
The Jets Suck! : Johnson, Kevin (WR-Cle)
QuebecFins : Davis, Terrell (RB-Den)
Dolphin Fantatics : Pollard, Marcus (TE-Ind)
JerseyFins : Green, William (RB-Cle)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Smith, Antowain (RB-NE)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: McCaffrey, Ed (WR-Den)
The Pats Suck! : Hearst, Garrison (RB-SF)
Le Dolfan : Booker, Marty (WR-Chi)

Round 6:
Le Dolfan : Gardner, Rod (WR-Was)
The Pats Suck! : Staley, Duce (RB-Phi)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Lewis, Jamal (RB-Bal)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Garner, Charlie (RB-Oak)
JerseyFins : Vick, Michael (QB-Atl)
Dolphin Fantatics : Pittsburgh (DEF-Pit)
QuebecFins : Jones, Thomas (RB-Ari)
The Jets Suck! : Toomer, Amani (WR-NYG)
The Bills Suck! : Coles, Laveranues (WR-NYJ)
South Beach Fins : Franks, Bubba (TE-GB)
Death to Planes : Chamberlain, Byron (TE-Min)
Ice's Dolphins : Alexander, Derrick (WR-Min)

Round 7:
Ice's Dolphins : Wilkins, Jeff (K-StL)
Death to Planes : Muhammad, Muhsin (WR-Car)
South Beach Fins : Price, Peerless (WR-Buf)
The Bills Suck! : Lewis, Chad (TE-Phi)
The Jets Suck! : Sharpe, Shannon (TE-Den)
QuebecFins : Wycheck, Frank (TE-Ten)
Dolphin Fantatics : Ward, Hines (WR-Pit)
JerseyFins : Walls, Wesley (TE-Car)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Hilliard, Ike (WR-NYG)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: McCardell, Keenan (WR-TB)
The Pats Suck! : Vanderjagt, Mike (K-Ind)
Le Dolfan : Thrash, James (WR-Phi)

Round 8:
Le Dolfan : Stewart, James (RB-Det)
The Pats Suck! : Philadelphia (DEF-Phi)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Washington (DEF-Was)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Green Bay (DEF-GB)
JerseyFins : Tampa Bay (DEF-TB)
Dolphin Fantatics : Alstott, Mike (RB-TB)
QuebecFins : Cleveland (DEF-Cle)
The Jets Suck! : St. Louis (DEF-StL)
The Bills Suck! : Henry, Travis (RB-Buf)
South Beach Fins : Smith, Emmitt (RB-Dal)
Death to Planes : Galloway, Joey (WR-Dal)
Ice's Dolphins : Jones, Freddie (TE-Ari)

Round 9:
Ice's Dolphins : Oakland (DEF-Oak)
Death to Planes : Elam, Jason (K-Den)
South Beach Fins : Pathon, Jerome (WR-NO)
The Bills Suck! : Janikowski, Sebastian (K-Oak)
The Jets Suck! : Conway, Curtis (WR-SD)
QuebecFins : Dyson, Kevin (WR-Ten)
Dolphin Fantatics : Vinatieri, Adam (K-NE)
JerseyFins : Gramatica, Bill (K-Ari)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Brown, Kris (K-Hou)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Heap, Todd (TE-Bal)
The Pats Suck! : Barber, Tiki (RB-NYG)
Le Dolfan : McNair, Steve (QB-Ten)

Round 10:
Le Dolfan : Ismail, Qadry (WR-Ind)
The Pats Suck! : Becht, Anthony (TE-NYJ)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Brunell, Mark (QB-Jac)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Pittman, Michael (RB-TB)
JerseyFins : Dunn, Warrick (RB-Atl)
Dolphin Fantatics : Johnson, Brad (QB-TB)
QuebecFins : Stokes, J.J. (WR-SF)
The Jets Suck! : Mack, Stacey (RB-Jac)
The Bills Suck! : Couch, Tim (QB-Cle)
South Beach Fins : Jackson, Willie (WR-Atl)
Death to Planes : Smith, Lamar (RB-Car)
Ice's Dolphins : Terrell, David (WR-Chi)

Round 11:
Ice's Dolphins : Robinson, Koren (WR-Sea)
Death to Planes : Plummer, Jake (QB-Ari)
South Beach Fins : Wheatley, Tyrone (RB-Oak)
The Bills Suck! : Gadsden, Oronde (WR-Mia)
The Jets Suck! : Green, Trent (QB-KC)
QuebecFins : Akers, David (K-Phi)
Dolphin Fantatics : Gramatica, Martin (K-TB)
JerseyFins : Brady, Tom (QB-NE)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Testaverde, Vinny (QB-NYJ)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Warrick, Peter (WR-Cin)
The Pats Suck! : Pinkston, Todd (WR-Phi)
Le Dolfan : Finneran, Brian (WR-Atl)

Round 12:
Le Dolfan : Brien, Doug (K-Min)
The Pats Suck! : Ismail, Raghib (WR-Dal)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Longwell, Ryan (K-GB)
Axe Wielding Baboons: New York (DEF-NYJ)
JerseyFins : Baltimore (DEF-Bal)
Dolphin Fantatics : Fuamatu-Ma'afal, Chris (RB-Pit)
QuebecFins : Bradford, Corey (WR-Hou)
The Jets Suck! : Carney, John (K-NO)
The Bills Suck! : Moss, Santana (WR-NYJ)
South Beach Fins : New England (DEF-NE)
Death to Planes : Sloan, David (TE-NO)
Ice's Dolphins : Allen, James (RB-Hou)

Round 13:
Ice's Dolphins : Brees, Drew (QB-SD)
Death to Planes : Schroeder, Bill (WR-Det)
South Beach Fins : Robinson, Marcus (WR-Chi)
The Bills Suck! : Dallas (DEF-Dal)
The Jets Suck! : Scott, Darnay (WR-Jac)
QuebecFins : Canidate, Trung (RB-StL)
Dolphin Fantatics : Jacksonville (DEF-Jac)
JerseyFins : Cleeland, Cam (TE-NE)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Clark, Desmond (TE-Den)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: New York (DEF-NYG)
The Pats Suck! : Barlow, Kevan (RB-SF)
Le Dolfan : Cincinnati (DEF-Cin)

Round 14:
Le Dolfan : Johnson, Eric (TE-SF)
The Pats Suck! : Dilfer, Trent (QB-Sea)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Riemersma, Jay (TE-Buf)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Patten, David (WR-NE)
JerseyFins : Crowell, Germane (WR-Det)
Dolphin Fantatics : Proehl, Ricky (WR-StL)
QuebecFins : Carr, David (QB-Hou)
The Jets Suck! : Dayne, Ron (RB-NYG)
The Bills Suck! : San Francisco (DEF-SF)
South Beach Fins : Stover, Matt (K-Bal)
Death to Planes : Denver (DEF-Den)
Ice's Dolphins : Gaffney, Jabar (WR-Hou)

Round 15:
Ice's Dolphins : Brady, Kyle (TE-Jac)
Death to Planes : Edinger, Paul (K-Chi)
South Beach Fins : Carswell, Dwayne (TE-Den)
The Bills Suck! : Weaver, Jed (TE-Mia)
The Jets Suck! : Anderson, Mike (RB-Den)
QuebecFins : Conwell, Ernie (TE-StL)
Dolphin Fantatics : Baxter, Fred (TE-Chi)
JerseyFins : Conway, Brett (K-Was)
Axe Wielding Baboons: Peterson, Todd (K-Pit)
NYC Dreaded Dolphins: Chandler, Chris (QB-Chi)
The Pats Suck! : Chandler, Chris (QB-Chi)
Le Dolfan : Matthews, Shane (QB-Was)

08-07-2002, 02:20 AM
I am The Bills Suck! :P

08-07-2002, 08:23 AM
I am Ice's Dolphins :)

08-07-2002, 09:42 AM
I am the JerseyFins ;)

08-07-2002, 11:38 PM
I am Dolphins Fanatic! :D

08-18-2002, 02:34 AM
Death to Planes' first pick was a HUGE reach!!!!! LMAO!

08-18-2002, 08:44 AM
Yeah, Ricky should be picked in the 5-8 range in the first round.