View Full Version : Wanted:Season Tickets 2005-2006

A Wing Pilot
10-11-2004, 08:26 AM
This year is a bad year and lots of people are not re-newing there season tickets. If you ar eone of these people PLEASE, before you drop them perhaps you could have them signed over to my name. (especially if your in the lower bowl)

I would be more then willing to buy you extra seats (at your cost) for playoff games if we make it. I will also be willing to give up a game or two for you to come back and sit there. I may be willing to pay you a fee for signing over the seats but that will be evaluated on a seat by seat basis.

I need 2 seats Minimum 4 seats optimally!!!!

BTW you gotta beat section 417 row 19 seats 1 & 2 (isle on vistors side 20 yard line)